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    If you want this voicebank... Still off-topic?

    Another voicebank by lightningsgs. If you want it, it will be heavily password... Fire ice lightning themed, (other 2 coming soon) Anyways is the picture decent enough...? (off-topic)
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    Mass-making UTAU for a VOCALOID medley. Any problem?

    of M.iz's VOCALOID medley II. Not the entire voicebank is recorded, to save time... and yes, all UTAUs are created by plushVOCAL (including me). Is it okay to create pages of over 60 UTAUs on (I hope this dosen't waste space and some of the pages may be deleted.) Extra Also, is it...
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    I can't create a UTAU in the wiki. Error 504 (?)

    There's this internet connection breakdown, although my internet is fine. I created Mashi Maryu in to see if it work. It does, but I can't rename the title or add more info, it does not save and error 504 (I can't remember error code). Any solution? -호우/plushVOCAL