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  1. CJ_ACT_!

    Resource Korean CVVC Reclist

    CJ_ACT_! submitted a new resource: Korean CVVC Reclist - A CVVC Reclist For Korean Read more about this resource...
  2. CJ_ACT_!

    How do I use KOREDE?

    I'm making my own BGM for a specific reclist I'm using. I need to make a .txt for the BGM if I'm correct, I don't know how tho, or how to use KOREDE. (korede is a program that's part of oremo's zip file)
  3. CJ_ACT_!

    Sound won't come out when I'm using resamplers.

    Problem: When I use resamplers, I can't hear my singers in UTAU. When I use resampler.dll, I can hear my singers in UTAU. Are resamplers meant to be heard in UTAU, or only when rendered and exported?