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  1. _dream_scape

    Closed PayPal OTO OTO Commissions ! (temporarily closed)

    TEMPORARILY CLOSED Hi ! I'm Ruby and I've decided to open up OTO commissions ! I've seen most people charge based on the type of bank (CV, CVVC, VCV, etc.) but I've decided to do a different rate; the price is $1 USD per 50 oto entries (rounded up at 30 or more). I can accept commissions for...
  2. _dream_scape

    【UTAU Cover】Teo【欲音ルコ♂キレ】

    i like the teto version of this song so i thought i'd do a quick cover of my own (credits in sc upload)
  3. _dream_scape

    【UTAU Cover】Soleil【Sakasa Shiki】

    shiki is a bit hard to use but i like her. credits in the sc upload
  4. _dream_scape

    【Matsudappoiyo】Lost Destination

    this was a really fun song to tune ^^ (credits in sc upload)
  5. _dream_scape

    【Yuutsukoe Karasu Plume】Jitter Doll【湯鬱声からす_plume】

    finally finished a full cover after a whole bunch of wips ! base ust by Em-the-Untamed, tuning/etc. by me
  6. _dream_scape

    Voicebank Caleb Psyche

    _dream_scape submitted a new Showcase Item: Caleb Psyche Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. _dream_scape

    Critique Requested summertime record piano/short ver. cvvcv reclist test

    i came across this reclist and decided to test it out ^^ it's just a monopitch recording, and i had to add the breaths in post bc i couldn't get them to sound good in utau i'm mainly looking for critique on the bank, i know the mix/tuning could be better orz
  8. _dream_scape

    1 • 2 • 3 Pokemon OP Tv Size - Matsudappoiyo/Yokune Ruko

    i really like both after the rain and pokemon, so this was a fun song to cover ^^
  9. _dream_scape

    the fireworks beneath my shoes short ver.【namine ritsu】

    haven't used ritsu in a fair bit and thought he'd sound nice for this song (if anyone has tuning/mixing tips i'm always open for constructive criticism)
  10. _dream_scape

    Closed Free CV/CVVC OTOs/Mixing !

  11. _dream_scape

    introduction i guess

    hey ! so i'm not new to utau and this account is not new either, but i haven't posted anything i think (and if i did it's years ago) i mainly post stuff on tumblr, but i decided to set up a soundcloud and try and be a little more active in the utau community ^^ i'm gonna link some of my stuff...