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  1. TheBakaKitsune

    【UTAU Cover】 Lilium 【Guren Nataku】

    I hope you'll enjoy this one. SukinaK did a wonderful mix and put a lot of effort into ! Acetea-san did a wonderful cover art ;w; !
  2. TheBakaKitsune

    Happy Birthday <Insert UTAU name here>

    Have this topic idea today since it's My UTAU Guren Nataku's birthday :3 Video link~~ Guren ~ 1 year old Maybe it will be cool if an UTAU Birthday calendar ! Do you know any site capable of doing it ? Doodle or something like ?
  3. TheBakaKitsune

    UTAU cosplay !

    So ! Cosplay takes a huge part on the Otaku culture, and I would like to know if some of you already did a cosplay of an UTAU ? I guess there is a lot of Kasane Teto but I'm curious. I did a cosplay of my Utau Guren Nataku and here are some photos of utau cosplays I've found on the net ~~ (I...
  4. TheBakaKitsune

    [UTAU] Lats Night Good Night [Guren Nataku]

    [UTAU] Last Night Good Night {Guren Nataku} Criticism requested please~
  5. TheBakaKitsune

    UTAU on MMD

    Hello there~~ ! I tried once to do a MMD Model for Guren Nataku, my UTAU. But I did some crappy edit and detroyed physics. I'm back ! I found some pieces I would like to do this character, and I'm looking for someone to put them together. I only need to put body and hair together first éoè...
  6. TheBakaKitsune

    Utau open collab

    So, monthes ago I used a base on dA to do an utau collab. Here is the original : The base is by Aqua999 on deviantart btw ;) It's Guren Nataku my UTAU, and I also invite you to draw your utau next to her :) The first...
  7. TheBakaKitsune

    TBK gallery~

    Before having an UTAU, I used to post some covers and projects on Youtube (and I still do it even if it takes a loooong time XD). I am a member of The YoutubeChorus thing (also my name is Kicchan on their forum), I do mostly japanese songs on my YT Channel and I wanted to show you my works...
  8. TheBakaKitsune

    You need a French Translation ? ~

    [Dunno if this thread is on the right place.. XD] Since I like a lot translation things, I would like to be a useful user ^w^ I'm French and I offer my help for any type of translations. Songs, sentences, words, what you need \(^w^)/ ! I'll base my translation on an english or german...
  9. TheBakaKitsune

    UTAU Original - need an ust editor !

    Hello there ! I'm working since forever on an Original song for my UTAU Guren Nataku. I FINALLY HAVE THE UST of the vocal ! BUT... with the wrong timing. It doesn't need a kind of tempo editing but more ! We have syllabs, we have notes, but the length of (and between) each syllab must be...
  10. TheBakaKitsune

    [UTAU Duet] iNSaNiTY [Asune Takara x Guren Nataku]

    [UTAU duet] iNSaNiTY [Asune Takara x Guren Nataku] hope you lke it ^^
  11. TheBakaKitsune

    Just thinking, but if we put UTAU together by colors...utau rainbow !!!

    It Wouldn't be amazing, right ? o_o Imagine, a swarm of Utau of each color, or even a gradation of colors with Utau! *_* Is that a bad idea ?
  12. TheBakaKitsune

    Looking for a "talking ust" - HANASU

    Hello ! I don't really know where I should write this thread, but anyway, I will try to explain what I'm looking for. I would like my UTAU Guren for introducing herself with her own voice through an ust. Does someone know if a file like that exist ? Some example of what I call a "talking ust"...
  13. TheBakaKitsune

    [UTAU duet] Hurting for a very Hurtful Pain [Asune Takara x Guren Nataku]

    【ナタク紅蓮 ・ 明日音タカラ】とても痛い痛がりたい【UTAUカバー曲】 Do you like it ?  :sing:
  14. TheBakaKitsune

    Guren Nataku

    • Name & Name Meaning: "Guren" - 紅蓮 - Crimson Lotus "Nataku" - ナタク - Name of a Taoist protection deity, the trickster, originally of Chinese Buddhist Mythology. Was born with weapons in hand. • Gender: Female • Age: 17 • Country of Origin: France • UTAU Series: / • Voice Type: clear, peaceful •...
  15. TheBakaKitsune

    [UTAU] Can't I Even Dream ? [Guren Nataku]

    I like how it came out :3 and sorry for the bad and lazy art -o-" [UTAU] Can't I Even Dream ? [Guren Nataku]
  16. TheBakaKitsune

    Hello !

    Hi guys~~ ! I'm TheBakaKitsune A.K.A. TBK, i'm 19, and i'm the utau Guren Nataku voicer. I'm first a youtube singer even if i didn't upload something since a while XD I hope i'll be able to take part to utau projects here ! Nice to meet you :3 Oh and I'm french btw (so don't blame my english XD).