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  1. lemobird

    Heart Democracy (Yuzuki Yukari)

    I realized I posted this thread in the wrong section, so I guess this ought to be ok.
  2. lemobird

    FALLING SILENT - Utatane Piko

    You guys should watch Fukumenkei Noise, it has some really nice songs though the plot isn't that good.
  3. lemobird

    Can you recognize these vsts?

    Hello, i want to make an instrumental version of this song, but i dont recognize any of these samples or where to find them, so if you recognize any of these samples/beats/instruments/vsts i would really apreciate it. Here is the song:
  4. lemobird


    i should have made an introduction thread a while ago but i need privileges to make another thread.
  5. lemobird

    Timing vsqx advice

    I always think that my timing is wrong and i dont know how to fix it, any advice?