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  1. dicedmangoes

    King - Kanaria [Sans Cover]

  2. dicedmangoes

    「Milk」Ghost Rule「UTAU Cover」

    first time using a vcv voicebank!
  3. dicedmangoes

    someone send a link to download soho please i can't find a dl for soho anywhere
  4. dicedmangoes

    melt cover w/teto ^^ first time making something thats not with sans undertale
  5. dicedmangoes

    is the utau community dead

    im pretty new to the utau community(thought it was part of the vocaloid community until i started using utau) and no one seems to post on this forum
  6. dicedmangoes


    im new to utau, ive been playing around with making covers on songs with sans and teto