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  1. minion

    Help with making a japanese UST to an english UST

    Hi! I dont know how to make an japanese ust to an english ust I dont rlly understand how to transform Japonese Phonemes to english phonemes Is there a plugin for that? :/
  2. minion

    Yowa Shion and Makune Hachi

    Since those UTAUS are discontinued I was thinking...People still haves their Voicebanks? A friend sended me the ACUTE Hachi VB and I downloaded the Yowa vb from a website called VocaloUtau,But if someone still haves those Voicebanks and make covers with it,Is that okay? Srry for bad english lol
  3. minion

    Does anyone haves the Kurumi Ponchio UST?

    The NND account that haves the Kurumi Ponchio UST doesnt haves the link for the UST anymore heellllppp (I love this song is so catchy lol)
  4. minion

    Another coverrrr

    This is a cover using Miku V3 Solid voicebank with my favorite Nikki songgg!!!! Tell me what do you think pleaaaseee! :sing:
  5. minion

    Melancholic Hatsune Miku Original V3 CYO STYLE REMIX

    What do you think about my cover using Miku V3 Original? I worked so hard on the cover i hope you like it :3
  6. minion

    did anyone have a V4Flower edited model

    Hi,did aanyone have a v4flower edit model???? I realllyyy need one because im making a cover of the song "Deep Sea Lily Tale" and idk how but I edited her voice and she sounds cuter lol.I cant make a edit because my computer has a error when i want to make a edit model.
  7. minion

    help please?

    Hi,i have a little problem with vocaloid 4,when im going to make a duet there is no option to choose the 2nd voice it just put me another voicebank,someone know how to change the 2nd voice?????
  8. minion

    The most easy UTAULoid for UTAU begginers?

    I tried to use Teto,Ruko,Macne Nana and Sasayaki but this voicebanks are too hard to use... help please? :c
  9. minion

    These are my first UTAU covers :D

    omg! UTAU is awesome look these covers I made sorry for bad english :D
  10. minion

    What is Polkaloid and Vocaloid FE

    I heard that POCA LOID is illegal What is POCA LOID?
  11. minion

    Help Please!

    I want to use Ruko Yokune female but she didnt sing i tried using cv and vcv usts and still doesnt work sorry for bad english :D
  12. minion


    i am a NEW Utau user :D