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  1. neettuki

    Derivative Bambank

    neettuki submitted a new Showcase Item: Bambank Read more about this showcase item here...
  2. Bambank


    A plain lazy guy, works as a tea farmer by day doing night patrol by night.
  3. neettuki

    What's your UTAU's lore?

    Ohh Usagi have such an interesting story development, I'm intrigue. My utaus are basically based of a Neet, a listless Idol wanna be and a very snappy child The Neet, Neettsuki, is a 22 year old guy ended up applying work at the local bookstore because he is infatuated with one of the clerk...
  4. neettuki

    【UTAUカバー】Diatas Normal 【Bambank】

    More indonesian cover
  5. neettuki

    a90bx2/neettuki's artchieve

    old neettsuki icons cover art (2019) madame merry go round HOLON
  6. neettuki

    a90bx2/neettuki's artchieve

    rkgks (2019-2020)
  7. neettuki

    a90bx2/neettuki's artchieve

    This was the first design of Neettsuki, I drew this at work after I recorded him. (2019)
  8. neettuki

    a90bx2/neettuki's artchieve

    This will be where I put my art of my utau, rkgks, all and all! I hope you guys don't mind me sharing here! Here's me social media in case you wanted to see other works I did! Instagram | Twitter
  9. neettuki

    For what purpose did you created/are you going to create your own UTAU?

    I wanted to have friends so I made Neettsuki, for now I only wanted to cover on local contents with his indonesian bank, it somehow made my mother happy. She really likes my indonesian cover so she is kinda my motivation.
  10. neettuki

    Thread of Indonesian song cover I did (shorts)

    Finally have an energy to make a visualizer for this
  11. neettuki

    Thread of Indonesian song cover I did (shorts)

    I hear this song when I was outside, so I just have to cover it
  12. neettuki

    Thread of Indonesian song cover I did (shorts)

    This will be a thread of short covers to showcase Neettsuki's Indonesian CVVC ver. 1 His Indonesia voicebank gave him a new name to go with, he's called Bambank!
  13. neettuki

    Voicebank Neet月

    I um- I did He is my utau, nothing special about him just a plain monopitch vcv
  14. neettuki

    im tired

    im tired
  15. neettuki

    Suci dalam Debu - Neettsuki +62

    I wanted to fix his accent so bad and I did, I added an expression samples (I need to rerecord it, because it sounds very inconsistent)
  16. neettuki

    Suci dalam Debu - Neettsuki +62

    I've been really enjoying covering old song I heard as a child, I also learn to tune manually. I'll probably redo the tuning someday, and hopefully to rework Neettsuki's Indonesian bank (Probably changing his name and design to fit the theme too!)
  17. neettuki

    Chaosmaid - Neettsuki