• Western Name:
    Akane Koue
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    Release Date:
    August 9, 2013
    195 lbs
    Ichigo Daifuku (Character Item), Sake, KAI KIM, Cooking, Cigarettes, Spicy Food, Meat
    Heights (Acrophobia), Stalkers, Smoking, Being Drunk
    Please visit his wiki 2.0 page for updated flags and voicebank downloads!

    Name: Akane Koue
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: August 9
    Release day: August 9, 2013 (CV Act 1)
    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 88kg
    Character Item: Ichigo Daifuku
    Hobbies: Cooking, Going to the gym, baking, running

    Personality: Akane is very patient and kind, although he can be quite mischevious and devious. He's rather over protective over his loved ones, to a point where he can be quite jealous, but he's understanding and tries to curb his protective nature by spoiling his loved ones rotten. Because he's the eldest, he enjoys being the "big brother" figure over the rest of the TREBLEloids, loving to cook for them as well as giving good advice. He's also quite persistant and knows how to get what he wants, even going to the lengths of using his charm and gifts to persuade people. Because of this, he's also quite a good businessman. Over all, Akane loves to hold people close to his heart and showers them with all the love and affection that they deserve. He has no patience for rude people and when a person gets on his bad side, he can be quite ruthless and vicious.
    (ESFJ - Neutral Good)

    KAI KIM (Husband)
    Aiko Wakana, Akemi Wakana, Yattan Akamaine, Kin Kaneko (Fellow TREBLEloids)
    Hachi Makune (Cinnamon Roll Friend)
    Shou Kurone (Rival)
    Fuyuki Kobayashi (Rival)
    Official Full Body art by juniriii​
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    UTAU Group:
    Treble Confections (TREBLEloids)
    UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    File Encoding:
    Kana (Japanese) Filenames
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese

    VCV 2.0
    7mora VCV bank. Baritone voice with a warm timbre.

    Required Flags: g+4
    Optimal Flags: Y0B0H0C99H0L3F0
    Recommended Resamplers: vs4u.exe , moresampler.exe
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    Roleplay, Fan-created music, artworks, doujin/comics and fanfiction is encouraged. Also use in duets and choruses is also highly encouraged.

    However, pitchloids and fanmade characters edited or created from voicebank samples and/or art of Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin/Akane is strictly forbidden. If you wish to make a pitchloid for humor purposes (Example: Tako Luka, Hachune Miku, etc.), please contact the creator first for approval. Pitching Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin/Akane's voice for this reason IS encouraged. Also genderbending is also encouraged as long as proper credit is given.

    Also, the creator asks that use of Aiko/Akemi/Yattan/Kin/Akane follows the UTAU rules of Usage.

    Commerical Use

    Akane Koue's voicebanks and/or official artwork may NOT be used commercially in any way. Please contact the creator at wakana.akemi@yahoo.com to discuss and obtain permission for commercial use.

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