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    4'10 / 147cm
    110lb / 49kg
    Scarves, most things gold and pink, spicy food, his husband *.+
    Sour food, people randomly touching his halo or eye
    Long and far away where angels, demons, and species alike live in peace lived a Tenma. The guard and son of two powerful rulers, Akriel Hikari Nicholas. He was a happy little thing that loved to explore many worlds, worlds unknown to him and others.
    The small tenma stumbled upon a world of vocalists! His voice had become oddly robotic as well, he became friends with the world- and even decided he would befriend many others from said world! Akriel was finally able to full fill a small dream of his...

    To become an idol!

    This is Akriel! He is my first ever UTAU! Most if not all info is in Akriel's read me folders, but I'll put it here for the sake of if you want to read it!

    Full Name: Akriel Hikari Nicholas
    Pronunciation of their name: Ahk Ree Ell Nick Oh Lass
    Nickname(s): Aki, Angel
    Sex: Male
    Race/species: Angel
    Age: 21/ Extremely old
    Height: 4"10 / 147cm
    Weight: 110lbs / 49kg
    Eye color(s): Golden (Missing eye under hair)
    Hair color(s): Black to dirty blond / dark gold
    Hair length: Shoulder length
    Hair style: Poofy, over the eye, and hair tips pointed up

    Personality: Akriel is a very happy go lucky, cutesy, bubbly angel who loves pink, gold, and children. A song to best fit him is Sweet Magic, Viva Happy, and Tale of a Deep-sea Lily
    Most prominent personality trait: Bubbly
    Best traits of their personality: Expressive and bubbly
    Worst traits of their personality: Possessive, crybaby-ish
    Alignment: Good
    Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Married (Can be shipped with other characters though!)
    Akriel works with more cutsey upbeat songs, more VB's will be made for him later though to work with more harder or softer songs!!
    Art credits
    partial, kisekae (doll maker)​
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    Rhiechou / Angelic-Akriel
    UTAU Voicer:
    Rhiechou / Angelic-Akriel
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    • Japanese
    Akriel has the voice of an angel! Jokes aside, his voice is very high pitched and quite bouncy, fitting for more pop songs! Happy Synthesizer, Slow Motion, etc.
    He does have a VCV voice bank, but I want to release it later.~
    Akriel is part of a (future) set of UTAUloids of the Quartz Family! Next in the line is dad/mom! (Lol)

    Range: A5 - B3
    Preferred resampler: None currently
    Voice Provider: Angelic-Akriel / Rhiechou
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required

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