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    あすこ (ah-soo-koh)
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    162.56cm (5 feet, 4 inches)
    dango, art, singing
    bad criticism
    Information about the character(s) and voicebank(s) are located on the official distribution page.

    Official UTAU art by fantaramen
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    Ko Ton Mi
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    Kana (Japanese) Filenames
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    Romaji Aliasing
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    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    Asuko CV

    Voice type: natural
    Timbre: solid, feminine
    Recorded pitch: ~B3
    Logical range: F3~G#4
    Recommended resampler: moresampler
    Recommended flags:


    - hiragana AND romaji aliases

    Asuko ACT 2
    (coming soon...)

    Voicebank type: CVVC + CV
    Vocal type: natural
    Timbre: bright, youthful, feminine
    Recorded pitch: ~C4
    Logical range: D#3~B4
    Recommended resampler: moresampler
    Recommended flags: e

    - hiragana AND romaji aliases
    - 2 inhales [br1], [br2] or [息1], [息2]
    - vowel endings [x -]
    - glottal stops [x '] [' x] or [x ・] [・ x]

    Asuko ENGLISH
    (coming soon...)

    - CVVC

  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required

    When publishing work using this voicebank, you are required to state the name of this voicebank.
    It is not necessary to state the name of this voicebank's author.
    When attributing the name or author of this voicebank, you must write the names exactly as written above. You cannot call the voicebank by any other name, nor can you attribute the voicebank to any other author.


    You are free to create sexual content.
    You are free to create violent content.
    Do not create political content.
    Do not create religious content.

    The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:
    - Criminal or illegal content
    - Explicit underage sexual content
    - Bigotry and hateful content


    Contact the author for individual approval to use this voicebank commercially.


    You cannot edit this voicebank's audio files.
    You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.
    You cannot use this voicebank in any singing synthesizer other than UTAU.
    The source audio of this voicebank can only be used in permitted singing synthesizers. You cannot use it in any other way, such as for music production or video production.


    You are free to redistribute part or whole of this voicebank in any way, with or without edits, as long as you correctly attribute the voicebank name and author, and clearly state any changes you have made.
    You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with this voicebank.

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