Chiyeko Hagiwara

  • Western Name:
    Chiyeko Hagiwara
    Eastern Name:
    Release Date:
    Her predecessor, hard candies, tea, dresses, true crime, and stuffed toys.
    VGA cables, dust, ripe bananas, funnel cakes
    soundcloud debut (better than youtube debut IMO)
    Please look here for more pictures of her! The information is a little dumbed down there. The cute chibi by hami833 is the most accurate depiction of her outfit, I haven't gotten around to making a new reference photo yet.


    Appearance: The first thing to know about her is that Chiyeko is an android, and she was just activated recently. She has long pink hair, always tied in braids that go to about her ankles. There are cords wrapped inside her braids which are compatible with electronics! Her left braid has a USB and audio jack, and her right braid has an ethernet cable and an HDMI cable. She can transfer her conciousness to different bodies from her cords, the only other body she has for now is a BJD body.

    Her eyes are a light turquoise, with illuminated white rings in the center (like how your eyes look if you've ever been to a hotel with a mirror that lights up). On her ears she always wears pearl earrings, and she wears large circular glasses that are a golden color.

    Her outfit consists of a long sleeved sheer blouse with a high laced neck, and the cuffs on her sleeves are dark red. Over her blouse is a dark red lolita style jumper with a darker red ribbon on the chest and ruffles lining the straps. There are bloomers under her dress and over that she wears a petticoat with two sets of ruffles. The shoes she wears are black mary janes, with short ruffles socks under them.

    Personality: Chiyeko's very curious, she's new to the world! There's so much to learn. She's shy and hesitant because of that fact too. Typically, she's more outgoing and friendly than her predecessor who was a lot more reserved and mysterious. Basically she's like a young child; naive and happy.
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    • Japanese
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