Daiko Yuuki

UTAU Profile

Western Name
Daiko Yuuki
Eastern Name
Name Guide
ユーキダイコ ゆうきだいこ Yuuki Daiko
Release Date
June 19, 2015
163 / 5'4''
55KG / 121lbs
Daiko loves to daydream about performing his own songs. Like a living boombox, he has always a new tune or beat playing inside his head. Daiko likes to watch the world around him and think of ways to create music with it. Lo-Fi, Trap, EDM & House Music are his favorites, without a doubt.

Also an anime fan since he was little, Daiko adores videogames that feature his favorite characters. The shows he enjoys the most are silly & absurd action genres, with lots of laughs to throw away!

His favorite drink is soda pop, or anything else he can get a good burp out of.
Daiko can be identified both as a singing android or an actual human being, it is up to the artist and it’s imagination! Feel free to interpretate Yuuki Daiko as your creativity wishes!

“Victor Miyakawa Yoshiyuki and Yuuri Rekka’s voicers were my biggest mentors. They were the ones responsible for showing Daiko and I all the vastness of the “UTAU universe”…

It is thanks to them I could grow alongside my character and have fun and, eventually, find a way to express myself in a unique way.

Daiko has formed a singing trio with YUMINE ☆ KISA & Fokkusu Keki, as I also grew close to the people who made these UTAU come to life. Alongside them, I always had tons of fun.

Today, being able to compose with Daiko, I am truly grateful for having UTAU in my life!”

— Victor W. ; Daiko Yuuki’s voice provider.
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Yuuki Daiko ACT1 by AgataBr22.png
Yuuki Daiko DELTA WIDE by AgataBr22.png

Voicebank Info

YouTube Sample
UTAU Group
DaiKeKisa Trio [ featuring Fokkusu Keki & YUMINE ☆ KISA ]
UTAU Manager
Victor Winitskowski
UTAU Voicer
Victor Winitskowski
File Encoding
Kana (Japanese) Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
Voicebank Configured on
Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
Yuuki Daiko REBORN (2019): Daiko’s 2nd update rises! Granting higher quality transitions than past iterations thanks to the VCV method, the most natural version of Daiko’s voice is here! Tripitch VCV Teen Voicebank.

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Character Commercial Use
Voicebank Commercial Use
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
Permission Not Required


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