Daitaine Toku

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    Toku Daitaine
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    Singing, playing on a piano, chocolate, being a proud Irish lass
    Flying cockroaches (honestly who doesn't?), social inequality, taxes
    Daitaine Toku (代替音トク) is a singing android developed by a now defunct robotics company based in Ireland, seeking to enter the well-established vocal synthesis market. The company went bankrupt in 2117, but Toku has since gone on her own way to become a virtual singer as a result of developing sentience, which is commonplace for androids in this time.

    tl;dr the robots will take over, mark my words

    Her name translates to "special alternative sound".

    ACT 6 VCV Demos:

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    • Japanese
    The 6th version of Daitaine Toku's Japanese voicebank.

    This voicebank contains an 8-mora VCV voice bank with three different append sets, each with pitches A4, E4 and G3.

    These appends have the suffixes 'S' (Strong append) and 'L' (Light append) which can be attached to the end of a lyric. The Natural set is the default set.

    There are two special vowel sets that she can use - Fry and Craze. They have the suffixes "F" and "C". These only work for vowels.

    She also has rest notes.

    She has some omake clips planned to be included in the future.
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    The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:
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    Contact the author for individual approval to use this voicebank commercially.

    You cannot edit this voicebank's audio files.
    You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.
    You cannot use this voicebank in any singing synthesizer other than UTAU.
    The source audio of this voicebank can only be used in permitted singing synthesizers. You cannot use it in any other way, such as for music production or video production.

    Before this voicebank is discontinued, you may only redistribute this voicebank in its entirety, without any changes, with correct attribution of the voicebank name and author.
    After this voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.
    You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with this voicebank.

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  1. HanatheNeko
    "Must stan this irish lass."
    Pros - Wonderful voice, them leggies, I'm stealing this lass and making her my new gf, fight me.
    Cons - N o n e
    What should I even put here, she's absolutely perfect, if you say she's not, I'm stealing your bones and selling them on the dark web. Beautiful irish lass, I'm stealing her, and she's gonna be my gf, fight me. You can tell this took forever ever to make because of how perfect she is and she's one gig of perfection. I can't even list flaws, because there is none!!! Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna do everything possible with this beautiful lass. Good day~
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    1. Axiomatic-Vertex
      no she mine >:D