• Western Name:
    Release Date:
    January 01, 2018
    Practical jokes, confusing people, floating, a mild sense of chaos in his life.
    Being told he's not a person, trying to grab something but his hand goes right through it, when people ask him to violate the privacy of others.
    Eclipse is a prototype Companionbot created by Andromeda and Wyatt Snyder to keep an eye on Caelum while he was ill as a child. He was created to be 15, but has existed for about 9 years so he's around 24, but chooses to exist in his 15 year old form. He took the appearance of the first person he saw, which was Andromeda.

    Since his creation, hundreds of AI Companionbots have been created for similar purposes in hospitals, nursing homes and qualified homes.

    Eclipse himself is a caring teenage boy who loves to play practical jokes on his "younger siblings." They're not biologically his siblings since he's an AI and they're humans, but that doesn't make their bond any weaker. The Snyder family are the people that created him, so he doesn't know any other family. He chooses to exist in a holographic form because he doesn't like the limitations having a physical body puts on a being, but for certain occasions he chooses to live in his realistic physical body. When using his physical form, he seems completely human and has all of the human senses, but has a hard time walking. His difficulty walking/standing is caused by the lack of strength in his legs. He can stand/walk, it's just incredibly difficult for him, so he either uses crutches or a wheelchair when in his physical form.

    People often tell him he's not an actual human, but his family begs to differ. Upon growing up with him, they grew attached and hate it when people tell him he's not human. Generally, AI's aren't socially accepted so he spends most of his time hiding at home and waiting for his siblings or their friends to come around and only goes out with his physical form to avoid criticism. He is not a servant/butler, he is another member of the family.
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    Project ARCELLA
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    • Japanese
    He is a CV/VCV monopitch voicebank. His general tone is strong and young. Testers reported he is easy to use, and is easy to mix. He is most suitable for electronic or rock music, but he has been used in various other genres.

  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Not Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required

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Recent User Reviews

  1. KagamiPagami
    "VCV rules!"
    Pros - good vcv oto, unique design, not an average male voicebank
    Cons - cv oto needs some tweaks, backstory could use some elaboration
    This is actually my first review! I wanted to review a new, fresh UTAU who hasn't yet became popular quick. I think Eclipse has a caring personality along with mischief which gives him more even more of a human-like feel. The concept of the sentient comfort AI is pretty interesting and I would like to learn exactly how Eclipse found his current family.
    Voicebank wise, his VCV oto is really good! Along with his voice which isn't the basic male UTAU (if you get what I mean). I like his "tone" and I can see myself using him for some covers.