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    Es.05 the fifth android of his kind ever built put into line of service in order to manufacture parts for the solar citadel. During his work at the citadel Es liked to make his job interesting, he would often play tricks on his fellow android that worked alongside him as they worked. When the professors walked by Es focused on his task saving the games for later for fear they would replace him with Es.05B but one professor in particular was in charge of his programing and that was his personal professor chief of manufacturing master technician. The professor was always sneaking in secret programing on him when the other professors were not looking. Es did not know what these installations did to him all he felt was happiness and energy it felt different and made these unknown installments exciting to Es. Over time Es saw his professor less and less, the professor was the only person that ever interacted with him back, the other droids felt mindless to him.

    Eventually his curiosity of the best of him and Es started to play with the binding at his feet, the legs he had were only for transportation jobs commanded by the professor he had only been a part of two or three from what his hard drive could remember. Over time Es had figured out how to unscrew his foundations and moved for the first time in a long time he could walk again. Many of the other working droids turned their heads intrigued by the moving stray droid. Es quickly ran out of sight he did not want to be put back on that foundation or worse be replaced, but this was the most fun he had ever had. Es avoided the other professors until he found a room filled with large steel doors, Es noticed some of the names of the other professors that worked in the facility. Es remembered his associate's name Es quickly figured out that the names were organized in alphabetical order and located the big steel door with his name on it. Es took a quick look around and tried to pry the large steel door open in was locked shut but Es did not want to give up. Es studied the door for a long minute and noticed that was a small slot in the door thin enough to fit small pieces of paper inside. Es checked his surroundings scanning and scanning until he found something that fit inside, has quickly as he put it in the door flew open knocking Es to the ground. Es gazed inside at the beauty inside there was a large lab coat, pants, and even a set of shoes. Es quickly put them on like the professor had done and noticed there was reflection of what Es figured to be himself he looked exactly like the other droids but now was different than the others and he felt unique a feeling he wanted to learn more about.

    All of a sudden the steel doors began to rattle and the whole building began to shake Es felt these vibrations interpreting them as large sounds and crashes. Es for the first time felt that he was in danger Es quickly as he came began to run to the nearest opening, were could he go all Es could hear was noise after noise making it difficult to locate where he was and what was happening around him. A large beam fell from the ceiling blocking his exit the whole place was looking like a scrap yard. Es found himself scanning as fast as he ever had out of what seemed like nowhere something had landed on his right arm pinning him to the ground, he could not move this was not fun at all Es could only watch as everything fell apart around him, until eventually everything went silent.
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    Es.05 is a equipment surveyor-designed digital singer for the vocal synth engine, UTAU. Having started development in 2013, This Utau was recorded with a strange accent, and was later reotoed. Small changes were made to fix this bank up for a proper release.

    Es.05 is a CV voicebank built off the samples of a very old Voicebank recorded by HolyNautilus.
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    Public redistribution of Es.05's voicebank is not allowed. HolyNautilus does not accept responsibility for anything illicit or illegal made with Es.05.

    If Es.05 artwork is used, PLEASE credit the artists.

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