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Western Name
Haiiro Kaminari
Eastern Name
Name Guide
カミナリ ・ハイイロ
Release Date
November 1 2020
165cm (5'4)
Her scythe, thunderstorms, drawing, her wolf hat
Drama, awkwardness, insults

Character item: Yellow scythe
Appearance: wears a moving-ear pull-down grey wolf hat almost everywhere (unless she feels the need to take it off). has long, straight, waist-length dark grey hair, and wears a purple sweater with ebony stripes, along with dark blue ripped jeans. wears a dark grey scarf with white snowflakes around her neck. has heterochromia (right eye is yellow, left eye is purple). sometimes carries around a yellow scythe.
(You are free to portray her any way you like, this is just a headcanon!)
Personality: can easily be portrayed as shy, quiet, and antisocial at first glance, but is actually very friendly and chill, and is interested in making new friends. when warmed up to you, she can be outgoing, confident, positive, extremely talkative, cheerful, and a 180° turn from your first impression of her. when angered, she can become aggressive and ruthless.
she enjoys learning things she is curious about, and loves picking up new hobbies, but when forced to do tasks she dislikes, she will pout and not put much effort into it.
after warmed up to anyone, she will be very supportive of them. when betrayed, she would revert back to her “old” self; cold and distant. unfortunately, tends to easily get jealous/envious of someone.
enjoys rainy days, peace, drawing, and singing. dislikes drama of any sort, whether serious or foolish, but when it involves anyone she loves, she will protect and defend them.
she believes in herself and is determined to excel in any field, chasing her dreams and goals like in a game of tag.
(Has a crush on someone, but will never tell.)

Voicebank Info

YouTube Sample
UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
File Encoding
Kana (Japanese) Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Romaji Aliasing
Voicebank Configured on
Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
(Voicebank has incomplete romaji aliases; only around 1/5 of the bank has romaji aliases.)

Recording method: Japanese Monopitch CV (C4) using OREMO

Best flags: F1Y0H0B0BY6 (resampler.exe)

ACT1 DL link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/90rtok52j5okx6n/%25E9%259B%25B7%25E7%2581%25B0%25E8%2589%25B2_ACT1.zip/file'

(More voicebanks planned to be recorded and released in the future.)

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Character Commercial Use
Permission Required
Voicebank Commercial Use
Permission Required
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
Permission Required
Full Terms of Use
Additional Terms of Use

1. You are not allowed to redistribute Aklumia's voicebanks.
-EXCEPTIONS: When Aklumia's website is offline.

2. R-18 content is forbidden unless exceptions are stated otherwise.

3. You are allowed to fix the oto.ini but not distribute it.
-EXCEPTIONS: When Aklumia's website is offline.

4. Commercial use of Aklumia's characters and voicebanks are allowed with permission, but you are not allowed to sell the voicebanks themselves.

5. Fanmade derivatives of Aklumia's voicebanks (e.g. Genderbends) are allowed with permission.

6. Religious and politic content using Aklumia's voicebanks is forbidden.


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