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    SandDragon_Small.png Art by Halo


    Indus was born from a family that lived off of stealing, eventually Indus was convinced by his parents into doing there dirty work. Soon learned that they thought more of what they gained from his actions then him as there child. For years he lived off of others until one day Indus realized he was hurting others and no longer wished to continue living with his parents, on a dark night he ran away from there town of security to find his own way to live by himself.

    He walked for days through the desert with out food and water until he collapsed, when he had awoken he found himself tied and bound and once again found himself in a city of hundreds. Indus was thrown into enslavement and was beaten under heavy enforcement years went by and Indus felt his life slipping. It was as if all the sand he saw and all the sand he touched was like a hourglass that was running out of sand. Indus felt he would never be free feeling his life as already over making him grow bitter and colorless.

    One day some of the other prisoners were planning a escape when they asked Indus if he wanted to join them. Indus turned away causing the other prisoners to vent their doubts of the plan. Angered, Indus is pushed over the edge and agrees to help them escape. They make there escape but once again Indus finds himself in the dessert lost and stranded. One by one they all fall except for Indus, he would not dare close his eyes not again.

    Many years later the young dragon had learned to survive in this harsh land. Coming across a lost kingdom in the dessert where he spent his time as a scribe trying to make up for the years he had lost to being enslaved.
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    Matthew Reidy
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    • Japanese
    this bank is a VCV configured voicebank with end-breaths allowing you manipulate his voicebank in many different ways.
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    Public redistribution of Indus's voicebank is not allowed. HolyNautilus does not accept responsibility for anything illicit or illegal made with Indus.

    If Indus artwork is used, PLEASE credit the artists.

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