• Western Name:
    Ilio Kaito
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    /k ay t ao iy l iy ao/
    Release Date:
    18th March 2020
    Not Applicable
    110cm (about 3'6")
    "don't try to lift me up" (heavy af)
    Playing Ukulele
    Nothing in particular
    • Name: Kaito Ilio/海友イリオ
    • Name meaning: Kaito means "friend of sea" in Japanese, ilio means a dog in Hawaiian
    • Sex: "I don't have sex, we just mitosis once in 120 years"
    • Age: "I gave up counting"
    • Catch praise: “Music doesn't have boudaries!"
    • Other: He's same (really mysterical) species that "Bumei Shibyou" but in a different shape.

    It is possible to wash his face away with a warm water and soap. When he’s faceless, anyone can draw a new face for him with any pen.

    He cannot eat nor drink, he can’t also speak. He uses telepathy to communicate, gets oxygen from his skin and absorbs sun energy to live.
  • UTAU Group:
    UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    YukitoYuki's ukulele
    File Encoding:
    Alternate Encoding Method
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Alternate Alias Method
    Voicebank Configured on:
    UTAU-Synth (Mac)
    Supported Languages:
    • Other
    21 pitch ukulele voicebank: https://bowlroll.net/file/220794
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Character Commercial Use:
    Permission Required
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Permission Not Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Do not distribute voicebank or any part of it.

    Selling songs/albums using voicebank’s sound is allowed. Selling voicebank itself or any part of it is forbidden.

    Please, contact the author for written permission of commercial use of the character.

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