• Western Name:
    Kanaka Tora
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    カナトラ / かなかとら
    Release Date:
    March 24, 2013

    Outgoing - Fun - Imaginative

    Tora is a creative, imaginative girl who dreamt to be an idol! She’s outgoing, likes to party, smoke weed, having so much fun!

    Kanaka Tora’s name means Golden Ringed Tiger. In Kanji it is: 金歌トラ. She dreamt to be an idol when she was a child. One day, she had a good gig at a place, and it just so happened to have an agent for a record company watching. She comes in and talked to Tora and she said “YES!”. She signs up and now she sings for everyone!

    -Hibiscus Tea
    -Tigers, Cats

    - Errors
    -Green Veggies
    - Being told what to do​
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    • Japanese
    CV - March 24, 2013 - Released
    Winter - Jan 1, 2014 - Released
    CV 2 - March 13, 2014 - Released
    VCV - March 10, 2019 - Released
    Tabby - Strong/Shout - Not Started
    Ragdoll - Soft -Not Started
    ShortHair - English - Not Started
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    Permission Required
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    See Additional Terms of Use
    TERMS OF USE and GUIDELINES for Kanaka Tora
    (based off of my friend ZOKU's T.O.S)

    The guidelines and terms of use in this file is provided for users of the UTAU Vocals distributed on "Kanaka Tora", or by the manager of these vocals, Melobunii/Buniicake(s). To use the Vocals in any form or medium, you must agree to this license.

    1. Definition of the terms.
    In this document, which the guidelines and terms of use are stated, "UTAU" refers to the software Singing Voice Synthesis Tool UTAU or 歌声合成ツール UTAU. "Vocals" or "UTAU vocals" or "UTAU voices" refer to any of the following: Kanaka Tora (and any vocal extensions), "Vocal extensions" refer to any updates or additional and/or supplementary vocal files released under the name of an UTAU vocal. "Configuration files" refer to the oto.ini file attached to the UTAU vocals to make them available for usage. "Manager" refers to the holder of the rights of all UTAU vocals (Kanaka Tora) these guidelines apply to. "Distributor" refers to the third-party websites onto which the UTAU vocals are uploaded on. "You" or "user" refers to the user of the UTAU vocals and/or the reader of these guidelines.

    2. Disclaimer.
    The manager of these vocals are not responsible for the damage of files on distributors' websites. Any damage of the computer subsequent to the files being downloaded is not caused by the manager.

    3. Permission and prohibition.
    You may use the UTAU vocals free of charge, for noncommercial use. UTAU vocals may be used in cover songs, remixes, and original songs. Modification of the configuration files related to the UTAU vocals is permitted for private and personal use. Modified configuration files may be shared privately within a user's 'circle' of friends or acquaintances. The vocals may be freely used in any context except for the following: explicit erotica, politics, extreme violence or gore, any topics regarded to be restricted to persons aged 18 years or older (R-18).

    You may not use the UTAU vocals for commercial use without explicit written consent and license. UTAU vocals may not be relabeled and claimed as another's own. Public redistribution or resharing of UTAU vocals or any component which is a part of such vocal on a third-party website is prohibited. The vocals may not be used in the following contexts: explicit erotica, politics, extreme violence or gore, any topics regarded to be restricted to persons aged 18 years or older (R-18).

    4. Commercial usage.
    UTAU vocals can be used for commercial use for monetary reasons only under the following circumstances:
    a) The song usage does not include the aforementioned contexts.
    b) The song is made by the producer who is asking.
    b1) The cover song is sold with the original producers consent,
    UTAU vocals must be properly used. Kanaka Tora: Proper consent and proof of permission must be acquired before sales.

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