1. kimchi-tan
    "Doesn't suit intended genres but sounds great"
    Pros - Unique and cute design
    Pleasant tone
    Good frqs
    Handles high modulation well
    Cons - Oto needs a check
    Noticeable BG noise
    Doesn't suit intended genres
    *This critique is for Kurai's IDOL voicebank!

    High but mature; very pleasant to the ears and suits soft and mellow songs. Doesn't suit the voicebank's optimal genre of electro and pop and has a hard time sounding powerful. BG noise is audible but it's manageable. The pronunciation is well voiced with the only mispronunciations are the ふ which are pronounced with English Fs. The pitches of the voicebank give her a decent range but I feel that the D#4 and G4 pitches are too similar sounding and could have just been a single pitch in between.

    Her mellow tone makes her frqs have little issues making her compatible with most resamplers. Her steady tone also makes her voice react towards high modulation values well and easy to tune with. Her oto needs a check as vowels and voiced consonants are oto'ed incorrectly.

    Overall, the voice is very pleasant with some issues but easily workable.