• Western Name:
    Kutomá Xahèli
    Name Guide:
    Phonetically: [kutoma xaheli] ~The x is a guttural sound that does not exist in english. It is similar to the german 'ach'
    Release Date:
    June 15th, 2017
    165 lb (75 kg)
    Birds, singing, nature, baked goods, jewelry, beads, dye, leather, learning new languages, trading
    Leaving home, sand, excessive travel, gunpowder (thinks it smells strange)
    Kutoma was made as an attempt to understand the native languages. Reclists will be released with each new update.

    Kutoma was born in 1609 into the Bird's Cry clan in the Lenape tribe. After a skirmish with the neighboring Pequot, he was taken into the Pequot tribe and made to live as one of them when he was still a baby.

    After the epidemic in 1633, he fought in the Pequot War, an armed conflict with the English settlers, in 1636 alongside the Pequot. After the native defeat in 1638, he was taken alongside his tribe be sold by slave traders.

    While traveling through the Lenape territory, his uncle recognized him as the son of his sister, and convinced the Lenape clan to buy him off of the traders.

    Afterwards, Kutoma focused on his singing and on learning new languages, while also becoming accustomed to the niche that had been waiting for him in the clan.

    Soon after being bought by the Lenape, he found his barred owl, Ishát (named for his voracious appetite) as an injured chick and found he would not leave.

    The picture was a collaboration between Oblivion772 and Fanicom.
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    N/A (No Japanese Voicebank)
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    Cherokee CCVVC (CCV Samples, CVV Samples, VC Samples, CV Samples)

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    Terms of Use

    Kutoma Xaheli is a free voicebank, you are not
    allowed to make money by using it. You may not
    redistribute this on your own. Should you wish
    to distribute changes made to the voicebank,
    contact me.

    Use of Kutoma is allowed in video covers, music
    covers, and choruses. If you use him, you must
    identify him and his part in the song. It would
    be well appreciated if you identify his creator-

    Commercial use of Kutoma Xaheli and his likeness
    is forbidden without prior permission to do so.
    For permission, contact me by email or other

    Use of Kutoma is allowed in any non-commercial
    form without permission, including scenes of
    graphic intent.

    Any user is allowed free right to edit the oto, or copy
    it for their own usage. You do not need to identify the
    creator of the oto, or the reclist, but you are not allowed
    to redistribute it under any public circumstances.

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