Luan Kiriyama

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    LUAN Kiriyama
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    Sound-Technica STUDIO
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    eat ice
    LUAN Kiriyama (桐山ルアン)

    LUAN – Means “lion,” “mighty as a lion,” “he protects and is just,” “warrior”; “relative to the Moon”, “the son of the Moon”.
    Kiriyama – His surname means “misty mountains.”

    Character Info

    He is a bio-android because he has fox ears and a very acute hearing, he is the perfect union between machines and humans but to be have visual traces of machines like joints or cables, even he can reproduce with humans or any other species who have females. He has a super sharp hearing and a perfect vision that is magnified by his drone that flies over him all the time (including he can generate more of these drones freely). He has a sister who will be introduced soon here on the site.

    Details of your drone

    This drone basically serves to expand his passive abilities, ie he has a camera, an acoustic box, a microphone, and several sensors for night vision depth, heat vision, ultraviolet vision and so on.
    That is, he can speak and hear and see anything that is not at his reach.


    He has a peculiar taste for antiquities in snipers, he loves to eat ice, in case he does not find ice in some store he does it by condensing the air until it turns into ice or nitrogen.


    He has a skin with resistance to everything, no physical attack has an effect against him.
    He has a language of his own that only he and his sister know and that for the other races they can only hear “fugaow” "fuga", but can speak any language after listening to people talking for 10 seconds.


    His personality is best explained as: Someone who always lives sleepy (but not lazy), very honest and gentle, it is practically impossible to scare him, he has a strong sense of morality, but he never gets in his sleep, you can end up without walking for a few days.

    illust: @PyonSangSang
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    LUAN Kiriyama 【Technical Details】
    LUAN – Means “lion,” “mighty as a lion,” “he protects and is just,” “warrior”; “relative to the Moon”, “the son of the Moon”.
    Kiriyama – His surname means “misty mountains.”

    Optimum Range: D#2 ~ A#4
    Total Tempo (mim-max): 80 ~ 170BPM
    Language: Japanese
    Engine: Moresampler 0.8.4 (only)

    Voice Samples: to skip to next sample only advance the playing time.

    Update version 2.0:
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