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    5'5" (165 cm)
    121 lb (55 kg)
    Punk rock music, Warm weather, Bunnies, Patterned Clothing, Slapstick, Cheesy teen dramas
    Killjoys, Poems, Reading in general, Beans
    A 17 year old girl who goes by the stage name Mars, real name Han Yuqi(韩羽檄)she currently lives with the rest of the musical group, Planetary Motion.

    She can come off kind of bratty at times, and never learned to have an inside voice. Really, she's just trying to make sure she looks cool to the rest of her friends. She's a mix of Chinese and Middle Eastern, but grew up in Chengdu.

    Friends with Uranus.
    Loves punk rock music. (Can't sing it for the life of her)
    Chinese and Middle Eastern.
    Can be kind of a brat.
    Doesn't have an inside voice.
    Really good at dodgeball.
    Smokes sometimes to look cool. She is constantly reprimended for this by Jupiter.
    Makes the best mac 'n' cheese, but always seems to burn everything else.
    Has mild ADHD.

    Voiced by @KaguyaRikka
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    Planetary Motion
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    Romanized Filenames
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    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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    • Japanese
    Single Pitch VCV Voicebank.
    Download: Mediafire
    Alternate Download: MEGA

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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
    MARS is a free voicebank. As such, she may not be redistributed, or used to generate profit without express permission from representatives of Planetary Motion.

    Transformative works of graphic nature are allowed, and use of the voicebank in any covers or medleys are allowed without restrictions. Please tag her or the group, though so we can find and listen to it.

    Any changes to the voicebank are strictly for private use. Never redistribute this bank publicly without first sending the changed bank to a representative of Planetary Motion and receiving permission.

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