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    Mashu Maro
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    How do *you* prefer to say “Marshmallow”
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    haven't measured, but he feels like a rice sack for some reason...
    Dental Health, Food
    The way his horns limit his hat choices, Eating
    "All I did was mutter lines to a bag of marshmallows and that's where it went downhill."
    - trinkhk
    How Mashu is perceived in covers/PV is completely up to the voice manipulator.
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    Kana (Japanese) Filenames
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    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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    • Japanese
    JPG: A test bank, CVVC JPG is a quad-pitch bank with VVs and vowel rests(aR)

    JPG.2: The JPG bank but with an improved oto, and three more pitches

    (Actual Demo coming soon(it's not coming soon.))

    BIT(Suspended): A neutral CVVC bank that will be recorded with a SM58a, so far it's a sexpitch(A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4) but some appends(mainly Soft and Strong appends) are considered.

    ACT2: A CV voicebank to get back into recording and otoing.
    Like the BIT VB Pitches(A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4). There will also be a 5 pitch Soft bank with an extra falsetto pitch.
    Extra Samples include: short and long end breaths, vocal fries(beginning and ending), english 'L','V', and 'R' consonant recordings.… (444 MBs)

    BOOTLEG: A CVVC bank with the regular 6 pitches (A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4) except that the C#4 is treated more like a power pitch than a neutral tone like the other ones. I'm planning on making this the "prototype bank" to possible other CVVC banks that I'll be making.

    I'd like to thank Viran, who otoed A#2, E3, G3, and beginning consonants. I have used the oto.ini provided afterwards to make otoing C#3, A#3, and C#4 much simpler.
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    When publishing work using this voicebank, it is not necessary to state the name of this voicebank.
    You are required to state the name of this voicebank's author.
    When attributing the name or author of this voicebank, you must write the names exactly as written above. You cannot call the voicebank by any other name, nor can you attribute the voicebank to any other author.

    Usage Content
    You are free to create sexual content.
    You are free to create violent content.
    Seek author permission to create political content.
    Seek author permission to create religious content.
    The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:
    - Criminal or illegal content
    - Explicit underage sexual content
    - Bigotry and hateful content

    Commercial Use
    Contact the author for individual approval to use this voicebank commercially.

    You are free to edit the audio files of this voicebank in any way.
    You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.

    Before this voicebank is discontinued, you are free to redistribute part or whole of this voicebank in any way, with or without edits, as long as you correctly attribute the voicebank name and author, and clearly state any changes you have made.
    After this voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.
    You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with this voicebank.

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