1. partial
    "Sora's come such a long way!"
    Pros - Easy to use
    HQ, very nice vb
    Wonderful tone
    Cons - It can be difficult to pick the 'range' he sounds best in for a song
    I remember when Sora was just an egg, per se.

    His latest vb sports such quality, a very finely tuned oto.ini file, and is honestly one of the smoothest CV banks I've ever heard. I can't tell you how long I had his demo on repeat when it was uploaded! He's a pleasure to work with and I'd highly, highly, highly recommend him to someone looking for a user-friendly CV UTAU that rivals VCV in terms of smoothness!

    Overall I am very impressed!
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  2. HoneyPai
    "Feedback (No pros and cons yet)"
    A little bit of feedback if I may:
    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with him aside from the quality (Don't freak out over this, because we all need to start somewhere so it's not a big deal)
    The music is a little too loud so I can hardly hear his voice unfortunately, maybe upload an acapella so people can actually hear him.
    He sounds a little out of his range and the first cover doesn't sound on pitch, (This one would have been useful to me when I started utau) BUT ANYWAY I suggest for the off key issue, instead of trying to fiddle around with keys and end up having him in the wrong key, just move the ust down by -12
    He will remain on key and be in his vocal range, this works for both moving a ust up by 12 and -12, if the ust is in a low range and his range is high, just move it up by 12! ^^
    Hope this feedback can be of use to you!
    1. Sors