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Western Name
Merodi Ongaku
Eastern Name
Ongaku Merodi, メロディー音楽
Name Guide
メロディー音楽 メロディ=Melody 音楽= Music
Release Date
March 4, 2014
130 lb (58.9 kg)
Singing, Dancing, white, pink, purple, and yellow flowers, clovers, green veggies, friendship, cooking
Insects, weed killer, Confrontation, cold weather, viruses, open flames
Summary of Merodi Ongaku

Merodi Ongaku is a clover based UTAU that is a bubbly and outgoing girl. She has a tendency to ramble and worry. She is a cyborg and had a special feature called "Combat Mode" and has a battle axe in the shape of a clover as a weapon. She lives in a small town called Harmony Town next to Rizumu Teion, her lover and her manager. She performs at small concerts in town. Merodi is afraid of insects and weed killer. Merodi is also based off a childhood memory of being in my backyard and collecting clovers.

Some additional random facts:

If Merodi falls asleep while in her append Sweet outfit, the flowers in her hair and on her waist will close up. They will rebloom again when she is awake.

Merodi's number is 40 because she is my 40th OC.

Merodi requested Atir if he could program in Combat Mode for her too. She wanted it to help save Rizumu.

Merodi is a worrier and she often rambles a lot.

Merodi has a strong grip. Its hard to pry her off if shes holding onto something.

Merodi's flowers on her head arent actual flowers. They are synthetic material that looks like flowers and feel like real flowers. They have bioluminolesent so they glow in the dark. They are also powered by Merodi's brainwaves and vital signs.

The flowers also give off scents as a defense mechanism. Merodi can use these scents to attract, repel, or knock out someone.

Merodi's DNA is synthetic but she has plant DNA in her body and plant cells. She can gain nutrients through photosynthesis if she wanted to but prefers to eat actual food.

Merodi, although programmed the same as Rizumu, can't read binary very well. She however, can sense the nitrogen in the air, because clovers regulate nitrogen levels.


Hair: Long dark green hair with a long stray hair on the right side sometimes in a braid. Lighter green highlights, sometimes wears in pigtails.

Skin: paleish white, red 40 on her left arm

Eyes: lavender with lighter flag notes, darker purple when in combat mode

Headphones: white square headphones with green spectrum bars that move vertically. Small Mic and headband is in the back of her head rather than on top.

Default Outfit: silver torso suit with a light green belt and green suspenders. Green collar, green sleeve cuffs and dark blue sleeves with light blue square pattern. Square hair ties with a lavender stripe. Silver boots with green lining.

Append Sweet Outfit: dark green tube top but separates into 4 pieces near the bottom, light green skirt with white apron and lighter green frills on the bottom. Dark green flat shoes with a bow and lighter green bottoms. Black collar with a yellow voice stone. Three leaf clovers on her hips with yellow flowers blooming from them. Two 4 leaf clovers on her head with pink flowers blooming from them.

Blue Moon Outfit: a white, sleeveless button up shirt with a dark blue and purple gradient poncho that has a white crescent moon and stars on it. Her voice stone is dark blue with white specks like small stars on it. She wears a lacy layered skirt that is also gradient purple with white star specks and a short skirt underneath that is dark purple to lightish pink. She wears lacy wrist cuffs and gradient purple stockings with gold crescent moons connected around her thighs. Her shoes are also purple and blue with a full blue moon on the toe part. Her hair clips, despite her hair being down, are light blue crescent moons that have blue faded flowers growing from them. Lastly, she has a moon belt with a full blue moon in the front, lavender quarter moons, magenta half moons, and two light blue crescent moons with yellow flowers growing from them. They function just like Merodi's Sweet append. Her battle axe also turns blue with a blue moon on it with the flowers.

Back Story

Merodi Ongaku is a Cyborg girl that was born from Rita's computer. She started as a single sound but managed to create new sounds until those sounds became words. Became a voice. This voice began to form thoughts until it developed into an AI. This AI became smarter and evolved into an AI brain. A body made of synthetic material was created for this AI. During the creation of the body, a plant DNA got mixed in. Synthetic cells were copying the plant DNA and it was thought the AI would not compute with the body but surprisingly it was still functional. The AI was transferred into the body and the hair like fibers went from black to green. When the the body was finished it still functioned as normal. It was a success. The number 40 was tattooed on the body's left arm and then shipped off.


Merodi woke up in a clover field. She then found herself in a house by the field. There was a list of objectives for her. One of those things was moving to Harmony Town and enrolling in UTAU Bilingual Music Academy(UBMA). When she arrived she settled into a small two story house on the beach. On her first day attending UBMA wasn't the best. She had a hard time since she didn't know what to say and she was pretty emotionless since her AI brain was trying to process emotions. She developed fear and nervousness. It was hard for her to speak since the nervousness and anxiety got to her. She ended up being late to her first class. She was scolded and had to sit in the back to the class. She still listened to the lesson and took notes. After class it was lunch and she took her food out to the garden. It was calming and peaceful to her so it took her mind off the late for class incident. She felt better and she tried Some thing for the first time. Singing. She began singing to nature and it made her happy. This helped her develop happiness and calm feelings. She then ate her lunch then realized she had 3 minutes to get to her next class so she rushed but was stopped by listening to a choir rehearsal on her way. It captivated her for a while until the bell snapped her out of it and she was late again. She was yelled at again but still was let off with a warning since she was new. Her class was English and to her it didn't seem so bad. She seemed to learn a lot and learned fast. When she turned in her assignments she got As and Bs. She did see someone struggle a little bit but she was too shy to help them. She developed a guilty feeling. It motivated and helped her mood a bit better. After class she only had 2 more. She looked at a map to find them and was on time. The other two classes were music theory and writing. Those two classes were decent for her. At the end of the day, she packed up her bag and left school for home. When she got to the street, she began singing to herself a little, unknowingly getting the attention of someone. She heard somone call out to her. As she turned around, she saw a tall boy with teal hair and pink eyes. Merodi was surprised to see him but she didn't feel threatened by him in any way. He was gentle looking and didn't have anything creepy about him. The boy introduced himself as Rizumu Teion. He heard Merodi's voice and it captivated him. Merodi started to develop the feeling of trust. Rizumu offered to walk her home since he was going the same way. Merodi accepted and walked with him. When they got to Merodi's house Rizumu was shocked. He lived right next door to her. Merodi was very happy that she lived next to her first friend in school. The next few days of school have brightend up for Merodi and Rizumu. Merodi began feeling more confident in herself and she started singing more. Since she felt Rizumu had helped her open up. At lunch, Merodi didn't have to be alone anymore. Rizumu was there with her and she sang to him. Rizumu loved her voice and timidly tried singing along with her. Merodi stopped since she heard his voice before. She asked him to sing again but a little louder. Rizumu agreed. Merodi then told him that she heard his voice somewhere and that she likes it. She told him she heard him in the choir room on her way to her next class on the first day. This brightened Rizumu's mood too. It's as if they both learned something. Merodi was happy that her and Rizumu were getting closer. They decided to sing a song together. Which got attention from students walking by. The next day students asked them to sing a little and it was nice since it gave them both confidence. Merodi enjoyed it and especially enjoyed Rizumu's company too. About a month later, Merodi developed the emotion of love so she confessed to Rizumu. He said yes and they began dating and even earned the nickname "Little Love Song Birds." School was pretty good for them both. Merodi also helped Rizumu with his English since he was struggling just a little in it. Other than that they both were doing alright. When they reached to their final years, Rizumu was graduating. Merodi was a year behind him so it was sad that he will be leaving. Rizumu told her how he wanted to make it big as a musician and travel the world to perform. Merodi developed the emotion of loneliness since she would miss him terribly if he chose to leave. It could be the end of their relationship. She was upset that this could be the last time she would ever see him again. But Rizumu tried to ignore the fact that he would be graduating. He spent time with Merodi to the fullest. Merodi felt very loved and had one of their best dates on the beach by their houses. Merodi's emotions were at their best but before she knew it, the end of the school year was upon them. She dreaded it and was getting emotional about it. At the graduation ceremony, Rizumu was called up and received his diploma. Merodi cried seeing him happy in both joy but still in sadness. After the ceremony she congratulated Rizumu with tears in her eyes. Her emotions were overwhelming. Rizumu took her back to the beach for a final date before it was time for him to leave. Merodi and Rizumu spent their last night together to the fullest and they both had a great time. The day finally came where Rizumu had left and Merodi was devastated. But she knew she was on her own now and she too wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician. She studied hard on her last year and practiced singing a lot. She practiced every day for 3 hours with breaks in between. She graduated the next year and started her career at a local recording studio. A few months later she got the proper license to host concerts at a local concert hall. She became popular among the locals and then audiences grew larger and larger. Merodi became a small town celebrity. She was very happy but she didn't forget Rizumu. She decided to call Rizumu but every time he didn't answer. This made Merodi worried. She became paranoid about him. This emotion she developed got worse and worse. She became very worried that something happened to him. What if he was purposely ignoring her? What if he was cheating? Thoughts like that overwhelmed her. This developed a worried personality for her. She was tempted to just forget about him and even break up with him since he was "gone." Merodi was still overwhelmed planning her next concert however. She wanted to try to collab with others from her school or other musicians so she can learn from them. She decided to host a singing competition and whoever won gets to sing a duet with her on stage at her next concert. Surprisingly a few people joined. She was so happy but didnt want to hear the results because she wanted it to be a surprise at the concert. A week later the concert began. Merodi went out on stage and she began to sing. She still was excited who she would be singing with since the judges picked the winner. She didn't want them to tell her who won. As the duet came Merodi got in position to introduce the winner's entrance. Her jaw dropped when she saw who it was. None other than her high school sweetheart, Rizumu Teion. Merodi was about to cry seeing him again since she though he was gone for good. They began to sing and their voices harmonized brilliantly. The audience loved it and wanted more. Near the end, they both gave a bow to the audience and thanked them for listening. When they got back to Merodi's dressing room Merodi than began to cry. Rizumu told her how he was very homesick and that he came back. He wasn't ready to travel the world. He also had his number changed and accidently lost Merodi's number so he couldn't contact her. The feeling of homesickness told him to go home back to Merodi and that he entered the competition just to see her and sing with her again. Merodi couldn't believe it but was so happy. Rizumu also asked how she's been and congratulated her on her success. Merodi was pleased but she said that planning her own concerts was overwhelming and she needed a manager. Rizumu offered to be her manager since his management skills would be of use. Merodi also wanted Rizumu to build his musician career with her so she also wanted him to make his own concerts and songs. Rizumu happily took that offer and hugged Merodi. A year later Rizumu was recruited into the army. Merodi was a little scared by the fact that he could die or be captured so she worried a lot again but Rizumu reassured her that everything would be fine. Rizumu was used to balancing the management and the music. One more thing wouldn't hurt but he wanted to keep the army a secret. Merodi promised him that she would keep his army life a secret. It made Merodi feel safer though. She was amazed. Today she still performs concerts in Harmony Town along side Rizumu.

Additional Info

OccupationSinger, Gardener,
HobbiesSinging, Dancing, anything music related, being with friends, gardening
AlliesRita Leader, Atir Leader, Rizumu Teion, Lily Sun, Summer Wind, Runa Weaver, Marya Monome,
LoverRizumu Teion
Other AlliesNe Schwarz, Steve Windows, Arachne, Fukitsuma Ongaku(not related), Anjera, Stretto, Hito Zenne

Voicebank Info

UTAU Group
R.Wian Kingdom UTAUs, Bankon Jam Media
UTAU Manager
Rita Leader
UTAU Voicer
Rita Leader
File Encoding
Romanized Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
Voicebank Configured on
Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
  2. English
DefaultCVG3~D#5"Also called Append Deep(Name changed)"
Append SweetVCVG3~D#5
  • Input - romaji encoded and hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: any, Input: Samsung Mic, Range: CV: G3~D#5, VCV: G3~D#5, VCCV: F#3~C5
  • Details - You may edit her oto, But I must ask of you to please keep her design the way I made it and keep her information the way I left it.

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