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Nana Sensoune
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Release Date
Summer 2021
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PEACE: Powerscale VB of five pitches A4, D4, F#3, F4, G#4 (Beta version is missing samples however these are easily replaceable and will be fixed in the final release)

WAR: Powerful vocal with more attack in lower pitches. 9 pitches total (final version) A#4, A4 Falsetto(recorded, oto'd in final version), C4, C5, C5 Falsetto, D4, F4, G#3, G4

=== Beta downloads of each voicebank: ===

WAR (moresampler oto)

PEACE Bank preview:

WAR Bank Preview:

=== Character Info ===

Feel free to ignore completely when covering songs

A robot from the future used for war and assassination, Nana is an expert in both disguise and stealth. She is currently stuck in our current timeline as her ability to time travel has been put out of commission due to unknown circumstances.
As a result of her expertise in disguise, Nana can transform to change her external anatomy at will, taking on the shape of a man or a woman. An impressive ability, yet inconvenient as she cannot change her short height of five feet two inches. Pronouns used depend on what form Nana has taken, though in conversation they are normally feminine. She has no official pronouns and is in fact genderless on account of her being a machine.
On top of her normal ability to time travel, Nana's artificial intelligence works as a vast database that has access to all reaches of the internet and other sources of digital information. As a result, things can often get muddled together. This causes a lot of confusion on her end as she cannot always distinguish between fragments of real information or a strange meme from the internet.
Despite her seemingly interesting backstory, those involved in her present day life are left unaware of her origins or her purpose. When questioned further on this, she will often say she is unsure or fabricate a brief story to avoid talking about it further.
She acts as a caretaker for the Iwata children after having been introduced to them by her otherworldly friend Shiki. Following their introduction, Nana imposed herself on the lives of the Iwatas and so contributes to chores around the house and the subsequent care of its residents. Despite the abruptness of her sudden involvement in their lives, Nana gets on well with all of the Iwata children and they her own human daughter who was placed under her care before losing her ability to time travel. If anything, living with them has been a tremendous learning opportunity for her and allows her to live a fulfilling life in the current timeline. Due to her attachment to the children, Nana finds the idea of leaving them very unpleasant and has chosen to stay despite any consequences that may follow.
Although she is vastly intelligent, Nana has a hard time making friends. She often cannot read the room due to her lack of understanding revolving complex human emotion. This does not seem to bother her, however as she is content with the current amount of people in her life and they seem to tolerate her despite her idiosyncrasies.

- She has a red left eye while her right eye is damaged and functions as an audio spectrum that reacts when she speaks or sings
- Though she does not need to, Nana enjoys eating certain foods. She cannot taste but prefers certain textures to others. After eating, she empties her stomach chamber. Sometimes she longs to taste so that she may properly enjoy Tarou's cooking.
- She has a strange rivalry with Theo. Her relationship with him is confusing, and his presence often messes with her censors and leaves her with what we would consider to be headaches. She finds him to be untrustworthy, though interestingly has no trouble trusting and interacting with Shiki.
- Her friends often tease her about being Keanu Reeves when she takes on her masculine form even though they look nothing alike.
- She is associated with the Steller's Jay due to her normal hairstyle.
- Nana's right arm is also a gun
- Due to the lack of proper resources in the future when she was made, Nana was left sensitive to extreme weather conditions. If she gets too hot, her system overheats and she powers down. The same happens if she gets too cold and she often bundles up in the cooler seasons.
- She does not like wearing shoes
- She smokes frequently, but no one knows how or why
- Animals seem to be attracted to her for some reason and she often gets harassed by neighborhood pets or birds following her home
- She bought the banana taped to the wall


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Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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- Religious use is not permitted; the use in carols is, however this character should not be used to preach specific teachings
regardless of whether or not the material in question is hateful or harmless.
- Use of this voicebank or character in hateful or derogatory contexts is not permitted under any circumstance
- Theft of this voicebank/character or any of its parts and claiming it as your own is not permitted under any circumstance


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