• Western Name:
    Nevio Vecoli
    Name Guide:
    Neh-vee-oh Veh-koh-lee
    Release Date:
    February 14, 2020
    163 cm (5'4")
    66 kg (145 lbs.)
    Junk food (Pizzelles are his favorite), photography, the beach, Tanner, his brother
    Being yelled at, his height, winter weather, insects, waking up early, math

    Nevio was born on Valentine’s Day in Italy to two loving parents. His older brother, Lazzaro, took to him very quickly and became his first role model. When Nevio was two and Lazzaro was 6, the two were moved into their grandparents’ house with little explanation. Both of their memories are hazy about the circumstances but would find out later on that their parents had died. Lazzaro became protective of his brother and did his best to help raise him. Nevio became fond of his older brother and the two are inseparable. If Nevio was ever upset, Lazzaro would do his best to cheer him up, usually through sharing Pizzelles with him. In his teenage years, Nevio became moody and indolent. Although he never slacked completely, he still didn’t try very hard or apply himself. He easily became popular on social media and made Lazzaro worry because of how many people follow him. Nevio’s online persona is a charming, attractive young Italian man, and he constantly fakes having more wealth than he does. Nevio’s following is important to him and he considers his phone to be his most prized possession. Nevio met his current boyfriend, Tanner, when he was touring Italy. Tanner and Nevio were attracted to each other on first sight but Nevio realized on the first hookup that Tanner was intersex. Nevio didn’t mind, but Tanner still remained the dominant one in the relationship, and revealed Nevio’s true colors. Tanner introduced Nevio to his interest in Lolita fashion and to cam shows. Nevio’s desires to be famous and praised made him lap up the attention from the cam show viewers, even though Lazzaro is less than happy about him being on them. Nevio realized when he was 18 that he and his brother are descendants of Dr. Johnathan Leiter, a vampire that was most active during the 1920s. Nevio and Lazzaro both have the power to drink blood, but it isn’t necessary to them because the gene is so diluted. They also go out often during the day with no ill effects. Nevio currently studies photography in college and moved overseas to attend university with Tanner. Nevio and Tanner also have a loosely open relationship and often recruit other people in their activities. Nevio still maintains his persona of being macho and mysterious when interacting with his friends at school and tries to work the least he can.

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    N/A (No Japanese Voicebank)
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    • Other
    Nevio is recorded and aliased on b0uysel's CVVC Italian reclist.
    Nevio is monopitch and recorded at G#3.
    Nevio sounds best with fresamp and the flags BRE0Y99C99c99H0h0B0b0F1L1.
    Nevio has all beginning vowels, vowel end breaths, and three standalone breaths.
    Nevio's voicebank folder has achievements that can be unlocked by using his voicebank.

    Important note: I am not a native speaker of Italian so there may be pronunciation issues present.
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    Permission Not Required
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    Permission Required
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    Permission Required
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    All normal terms of use apply when using Nevio.

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