Pros: Good range depending on bank
Very Versatile
Cons: Change in quality
Rolled R's without an alternate option
Expression bank has a small range
This may be due to change as Nitton is updated.

I stand by (so far) my original review that was done a little while ago.
Basing this mainly off of Nitton's Expression bank. The bank quality is 'OK'. There's some intentional slurring which can be a little annoying at times. There's a change in quality in some samples, and they could be better. There's hints of hesitation in your recordings as well.

Looking at all banks, there's a wide selection to choose from, and the ranges in some are crazy. The banks are also very versatile, for example. Their ability to sound masculine and feminine. Nitton is also very simple to use in my opinion. But could use some upgrades, more pitches, or more append styles, and more options on how to use their samples. (rolling r's can still be included but with an option to use a different r) The oto on the BETA banks needs updating as well.

Otherwise, the vast options to use Nitton in-really boost up it's Pro's.
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