• Western Name:
    Noke Kiseki
    Eastern Name:
    奇跡ノケ / 기세기 노게
    Name Guide:
    キ せ キ ノ ケ
    Release Date:
    4' 11"(She's a shortie like her creator.)
    84 lbs
    Sweets, animals, sleeping, drawing, gaming, K-Pop, IA, SeeU, anime, bunnies, fedoras, cosplaying, Lazy Town, Danganronpa, those lightly salted Lays chips(they saved her life apparently), Yuri on Ice, memes, really old Miku songs
    Sour things, school, choreography, when Meguriguru plans something early in the morning, babies, having a curfew at 10:00, her math teacher, all of the kids at school, being in eighth grade
    Name Meaning
    奇跡 - miracle
    ノケ- hair
    기세기 노게- a century ago

    Character Item
    -Not specified-

    Lazy, friendly, procrastinator

    Other Info
    1. She's half Korean and half Japanese. Her mother is Korean and her father is Japanese.
    2. Her voice provider and designer are the same person.
    3. She loves bunnies.
    4. She collects Pokémon plushies. Her favourite is Bunnelby.

    Related Characters
    Midorine Pinku(friend; "little sister")
    Meguriuru(friend; "older sister")
    Tiffy(best friend)
    IA(role model)
    SeeU(role model)
  • YouTube Sample:
    UTAU Group:
    Kira Studios
    UTAU Manager:
    UTAU Voicer:
    File Encoding:
    Kana (Japanese) Filenames
    OTO.ini Aliasing:
    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
    Voicebank Configured on:
    Supported Languages:
    • Korean
    Voice Provider: Iris Dragonoure
    Character Design: MAYU
    Illustration: PoisonicPen

    Kiseki Noke(CV Natural) - Discontinued
    Kiseki Noke V2(CV Natural) - Discontinued
    Kiseki Noke V3 NORMAL(CV Natural) - Released
    Kiseki Noke V3 SWEET EXTRA(CV Soft) - Released
    Kiseki Noke V3 STRONG EXTRA(CV Power) - Released

    EXTRA Package
    Kiseki Noke V3 SHADE EXTRA(CV Dark) - Released
    Kiseki Noke V3 SPUNK EXTRA(CV Vivid) - Released
    Download Link

    LANGUAGE Package
    Kiseki Noke V3 ENGLISH(Arpasing) - Not Started
    Kiseki Noke V3 KOREAN(CV) - Released
    Download Link
  • Mature 18+ Works:
    Permission Required
    Character Commercial Use:
    Voicebank Commercial Use:
    Derivative Characters or Voicebanks:
    Permission Required
    No permission needed for:
    • Touching up oto.ini
    • Editing aliases
    • Altering voice in the UTAU program ONLY(and please note that it is that UTAU's voicebank)
    Permission needed for:
    • Derivative characters and/or voices
    • Mature work. Songs like Romeo and Cinderella are fine, but a song like Momojiri would need my permission.
    • Changing an important aspect of the design in fanart(ie. bunny ears, zipped jacket, shorts under skirt)
    Not allowed at ALL:
    • ANY type of commercial use
    • Altering recordings in any way
    • Any type of derogatory work. The UTAU fandom does not wish to be shamed upon.

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