Rina Sakurane

A cute and fashionable ex-magical girl, turned security guard

UTAU Profile

Western Name
Rina Sakurane
Eastern Name
Name Guide
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Sakurane Rina (桜根りな) used to be a magical girl in training. However, after transforming an innocent man into a sword and abusing him, she was arrested on charges of magic felony and blacklisted from all magical girl groups.

She also used to be a member of the Nanaotos as Sakurane Nanaoto (七音桜音). Although she lost her membership points card, she still visits the Nanaoto convenience store and keeps in touch with a few of her old friends.

Rina met up with Dominic Schoepfer after he moved to Japan, and they got involved in a very messy and chaotic relationship with each other. She is currently the security guard of the Overclocked Wizards workshop, where Dominic works.

Her hobbies are fashion, makeup, martial arts, and generally being an inconsiderate bitch.

Voicebank Info

YouTube Sample
UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
File Encoding
Romanized Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
Voicebank Configured on
Both PC & Mac
Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
  2. English
1 pitch voicebank for pop music
CVVC Japanese with English extras (schwa vowel, all English consonants)
Includes presamp.ini for ease of use
Includes additional presamp.ini for English phonetic lyrics

1 pitch voicebank for pop music
VCV Japanese with no extras

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Permission Not Required
Character Commercial Use
Permission Required
Voicebank Commercial Use
Permission Required
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
When publishing work using this voicebank, you are required to state the name of this voicebank.
It is not necessary to state the name of this voicebank's author.
When attributing the name or author of this voicebank, you must write the names exactly as written above. You cannot call the voicebank by any other name, nor can you attribute the voicebank to any other author.

Usage Content
You are free to create sexual content.
You are free to create violent content.
Seek author permission to create political content.
Seek author permission to create religious content.
The following types of content are unconditionally prohibited:
- Criminal or illegal content
- Explicit underage sexual content
- Bigotry and hateful content
Adlez27 reserves the right to request takedown of published content at any time, and users are expected to comply.

Character and Artwork
Published work using the voicebank may or may not include visual depictions of the voicebank character.
Visual depictions should be clearly recognizable as the voicebank character. This voicebank cannot be used in conjunction with artwork of other characters.
Existing artwork of the voicebank character cannot be used without prior permission from the individual artists. However, when publishing work featuring the voicebank, you may freely use the files "fullbody_zentral.png" and "fullbody_zentral_hatless.png" with credit to Zentral.

Commercial Use
Contact the author for individual approval to use this voicebank commercially.

You can edit this voicebank's audio in any way, except for pitch or formant manipulation.
You are free to edit any configuration files, such as oto.ini or FRQ files.
You cannot use this voicebank in any singing synthesizer other than UTAU.
You are permitted to use the source audio of this voicebank outside of singing synthesizers, such as for music production or video production.

Before this voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.
After this voicebank is discontinued, you cannot redistribute it.
You are free to share rendered singing vocals created with this voicebank.

Adlez27 holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss by the user from downloading or using the voicebank or character.
Adlez27 holds no responsibility to any incidents, damage, or loss that occurs to any third party as a result of usage of the voicebank or voicebank character.
These terms of use were originally generated with https://tools.tubs.wtf/vbtougen and may or may not include additional edits.


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