1. Milk
    "Lovely bank with a few tweaks needed"
    Pros - - Beautiful artwork and design
    - HQ sample quality
    - no accent
    - JP & English user friendly website
    Cons - - many oto imperfections
    - sounds bored when reaching higher notes
    Ryuko's bank is really nice and pretty easy to use, minus some aforementioned oto mistakes that if left alone, can make her sound like she's coming in a bit late or too early. This is most prevalent on her わ and な samples, along with a good majority of her starting samples (e.g. - た/- き).

    Other than that, I'm not a fan of her G4 samples. Her A3 and D4 samples sound fine, but G4 sounds really bored, like the VA was having a hard time reaching that high. It's also hard to distinguish phonemes from each other, due to the whole bank being recorded really fast.

    If she ever gets an updated bank or any appends, it could help her a TON if she sounded more lively and clear.

    Overall, she's a really nice bank with a cool design. I love her outfit, her voice is really nice to listen too, and she's recorded on a HQ-sounding mic.

    I totally recommend using her, just keep in mind that you'll have to do some oto-tweaking for the most part.
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    1. Mougeki Mero
      Thank you very much for the review! I was already planning an append for her, so I'll keep all those advices in mind! >< Thank you!