Ryuunosuke Aoyama

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  • Western Name:
    Ryuunosuke Aoyama
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    Release Date:
    July 20th, 2016
    5'11' (1,68 m)
    110.2 lbs (50 kg)
    Reading, eating, videogames, biology
    School, bees, drawing, spiders, pumpkins
    Cyborg (60% Machine / 40% Human)​
    Ryuunosuke is a shy boy that acts like he's happy whenever anyone is with him. He's a brilliant boy (compared to his classmates and family) and suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. He hates when people are doing things wrong or putting little to no detail on their work. He understands things easier than his surroundings. He usually feels lonely and misunderstood and can be sometimes really agressive.
    (Lawful Neutral - INFP-t - 1w2)
    Related Characters:
    • Hanako Aoyama, Hiiko Aoyama, Daiki Aoyama, Yoko Aoyama, Haruyuki Aoyama, Maria Aoyama: Cousins
    • Nozomi Konoe: Classmate

    Ryuunosuke was born as a normal healthy kid, until one day he was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. After 2 months at the Intensive Care Unit he suffers of a Renal Failure. His mother, decided to save his life, donated Ryuunosuke a kidney, but she died in surgery. The doctors didn't had another option and they transformed Ryuunosuke into a cyborg.​

    8 years later...

    Ryuunosuke was walking out from his school after a normal, plain day. He was crossing the street when a car hit him. Ryuunosuke wakes up 2 days later in the hospital without injuries, then a doctor proceeds to tell him what happened 8 years before and reveals that he is a Cyborg. Ryuunosuke was shocked, but he accepts his new life and decides to live like any other human unless it's a life or death situation... or whenever he decides to use his Cybernetic Enhancements...​
    Favourite Things:
    • Doki Doki Literature Club
    • Overwatch
    • SU
    • Harry Potter
    • Nutella
    • ¿De 1 a 10 que tanto crees que te odio? La respuesta esta sobre 9000 pero igual quiero saber que piensas.... (From 1 to 10, how much do you think I hate you? Tha answer is over 9000 but I still want to know...)
    • *Maniatic Laugh* No ha pasado nada.... ( *Maniatic Laugh* Nothing has happened...)

    Official Artwork:
    Ryuunosuke Aoyama by CyberneticEden.png
    By CyberneticEden

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    TheMatXD // MatitasXD
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    TheMatXD // MatitasXD
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    • Japanese
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    - VCV RETAKE: VCV Monopitch
    - VCV Soft
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    - Chinese CV

    Released Voicebanks:
    - VCV CRIMSON: VCV Mutipitch
    - Spanish VCCV Preview: Monopitch VCCV
    - ENG_VCCV: English Monopitch VCCV
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Recent User Reviews

  1. RaccoonButler
    "A lovely boy"
    Pros - Adorable voice
    Lots of appends
    Very flexible
    Cons - Oto seems to be unfinished/generated from moresampler
    Recordings are kind of unclear
    Has an accent
    Kind of hard to mix
    Goodness, what a sweet precious boy. His voice is so nice. I personally think it shines best in his power bank. His many appends make him very flexible. I'd say the major thing that's bringing him down is his configuration, as his oto seems to just have been moresampler generated/unfinished and the choppiness makes it hard for people to see how nice his voice is. He also did not seem to come with frqs when I downloaded him. As an UTAU Synth user, the frq generator is really glitchy and doesn't let you edit, so you're stuck with errors. This is preventable and were it not for the configuration, I'd probably have given him a 4. He also has an obvious accent, but it's not really bad and his tone is very endearing. His recordings sound a little bit on the low quality side which makes him harder to mix, but probably isn't that noticeable once he is mixed.Overall I'd say that using Ryuunosuke requires a lot of work on the user's part, but has a lovely voice that makes him worth it in the end
    MatitasXD likes this.