Seiji Masara

Seiji, Miyuki and Mieko Masara's grandfather, Hanae Masara's father, Hayate Nori's father in law, and voiced by GraySlate's grandfather

UTAU Profile

Western Name
Seiji Masara
Eastern Name
Name Guide
Release Date
6'3" (190 cm)
170 lbs. (77 kg)
Vinyl records, dancing, his family, dancing, current memes
Most modern radio stations, litter, very spicy foods, lavender and other strong scents

Seiji is from the royal family of Zecersonia, and is in fact one of the oldest living members. He originally held the throne to the planet before he aged out of the position. Before retiring the royal duties, he served in the Zecersonian military and conquered various planets for the kingdom. His daughter, Hanae, now maintains the throne. After Hanae chose a commoner for a suitor, Seiji initially didn’t want to approve the union. However, after realizing it would be the best move for monarch and citizen relations, he allowed Hanae and Hayate to marry. Once Miyuki and Mieko were born, all concerns of the bloodline being tainted dissolved. Seiji cares deeply for his granddaughters and will go to great lengths to keep his family safe. Seiji, along with her parents, has been extremely supportive of Miyuki’s ventures, despite not entirely understanding most of them. He personally doesn't care for the kind of music Miyuki's band plays, but he will still attend their shows to support his granddaughter and her friends. He enjoys dancing, which worries those who think he'll throw out his back or break his hip. Seiji is rather versatile, so this is of little concern to him. He loves Jazz and collects vinyl records, most of them being from Earth. It's easy for him to be accepted in younger circles because of how well he can entertain. He's very friendly, generous, and tries to keep up to date with whatever the current trends dictate.

Voicebank Info

YouTube Sample
UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
GraySlate's Grandfather
File Encoding
Romanized Filenames
OTO.ini Aliasing
Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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Supported Languages
  1. Japanese
  • Seiji is monopitch
  • Seiji is recorded and aliased on the Eve-style 2 mora CVVC Japanese list.
  • Seiji has a bass range.
  • Seiji has some pronunciation, tonal, and consistency issues.
  • He has three working breaths, and all vowel end breaths.
  • Seiji sounds best with fresamp and the flags BRE0Y99C99c99F1L1
  • Seiji has How to Use and Technical Info sections in his readme file.

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
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The only stipulation I have with Seiji is that R-18 sexually pornographic works with his VB and character are not permitted. Violent and gory R-18 content is permitted. Other than that, the same rules apply.
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