Sen Haiame

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  • Western Name:
    Sen Haiame
    Eastern Name:
    Name Guide:
    はいあめせん(ha i a me se n)/Huiyu Qian
    Release Date:
    Internet, Lemonade, Electronic devices
    Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Unfamiliar people touch his tail
    Name 灰雨セン (灰雨千/Haiame Sen)
    Species: wolf
    Gender: male
    Voice provider: 落雨(Raindropx)
    Illustrator: 樱花骸
    Age: 20
    Release Date:2014/8/31
    Pet Phrase:"Guess what!" "I think……" "Just buy a new one!"
    Color palette
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    Furloid China
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    Romanized Filenames
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    Kana (Japanese) Aliasing
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    Supported Languages:
    • Japanese
    • Chinese

    Chinese CVVC 2.0
    oto by 時の行方


    Hokkien(Southern Min Chinese) B-HM 2.0


    Japanese VCV 1.0
    oto by 易朗


    Old Versions:

    Chinese CVVC 1.0
    oto by 時の行方


    Chinese CVVC Dark 1.0
    oto by 時の行方


    Chinese CV (October list)


    Hokkien test B-HM 1.0

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    UTAU Voicebank「Haiame Sen」
    Terms of Use and Derivative Works

    These terms apply to the following voicebank and its associated character:
    灰雨セン/灰雨千(Haiame Sen)

    For more information about voicebank, please visit this site.
    About Copyright Holder
    Copyright Holder
    Voice Provider: 落雨(Raindropx)
    Character Designer: 落雨(Raindropx)
    All Rights Reserved.

    It’s within the copyright holder’s right to request removal of a derivative work that violates the terms of use.
    This situation also applies when the copyright holder considers a derivative work inappropriate to be published.
    By posting a derivative work, the fan artist signifies his/her agreement to remove the derivative work when required by the copyright holder.
    Meanwhile, the copyright holder can ban a particular fan artist from making derivative works of the voicebank and its associated character.
    Agent: 落雨(Raindropx)

    An agent is a person authorized to manage the voicebank and its associated character.
    Please contact the agent instead of the copyright holder.
    Fan Artist
    A fan artist is anyone who uses the voicebank or its associated character to make derivative works.
    Fan artist owns the right to make and post derivative works under the terms of use.
    About Repost
    Only if used for publicizing or introducing the voicebank or its associated character personally, the official illustration or information about the voicebank can be reposted without the permission from the agent.

    Using the official illustration or information about the voicebank in any kind of introductions including songs (either cover or original songs) made by the voicebank, websites about UTAU voicebanks, online encyclopedia, videos of introducing voicebanks, etc., is allowed. Please specifying the name of the copyright holder or mark a label like “using the official illustration” when reposting.

    In prevention of redistribution without permission, uploading the original or high-quality pictures is not recommended.
    If you want to use or repost a work other than official one, please contact the author of that work.
    Terms of Use
    About Fanworks and Commercial Use
    Derivative Works

    Derivative works are allowed.
    About Doujin※1 (make and sell doujinshi, goods, etc.)
    ①Free fanworks: Allowed
    ②Paid fanworks: Permission Required
    ③Doujinshi: Permission Required
    ④Doujin goods: Permission Required
    ⑤Doujin album: Permission Required
    ⑥Commercial use: Permission Required
    ※1:Commercial use is not determined by profit. Any trade of works or goods is regarded as commercial.
    About Cosplay
    ①Cosplay: Permission Required
    ②Customize/Sell cosplay costumes: Permission Required
    ※2:If you want to use costume from derivative works other than official one, please contact the costume designer.
    About Usage and Distribution
    ①Redistribute the voicebank: Not Allowed
    ②Distribute modified “oto.ini” configuring: Permission Required
    Modification of Voicebank
    ①Edit and use: Allowed
    ②Distribute the modified voicebank: Permission Required
    Distribution of Data Made by Voicebank
    Specifying Name of the Voicebank
    Specifying name of the voicebank is necessary.
    About Content in Derivative Works
    About Shipping (pairing, coupling)
    ①Opposite-sex pairings (NL/BG): Allowed
    ②Same-sex pairings (BL/GL): Allowed
    ③About character in a ship: only virtual singer related(UTAUloid,Vocaloid,etc)characters allowed
    About Pornographic Content (sexual acts, etc.)
    ①R-12 (content of kiss, underwear, etc.): Allowed
    ②R-15 (sexually suggestive content): Allowed
    ③R-18 (sexually explicit content): Allowed
    About Erotic Grotesque Content (ero guro, gore, violence)
    ①R-12G (serious injury, extreme blood loss): Allowed
    ②R-15G (public display of inner body organs, etc.): Permission Required
    ③R-18G (mutilations, mutated body parts, etc.): Permission Required
    About Political and Religious Content
    ①Political content: Not Allowed
    ②Religious content: Not Allowed
    ③Content related to religion (hymns, etc.): Allowed
    About Other Content
    ①Changing costume: Allowed
    ②Cross-dressing: Permission Required
    ③Genderbend: Not Allowed
    ④Changing age: Allowed
    ⑤Death: Permission Required
    ⑥Transformation (beast, furry, cyborg, etc. ): Allowed
    ⑦Abnormal state (poisoned, paralyzed, parasitized, mutilated, etc.): Permission Required
    ⑧Humanization (for non-human characters): Allowed
    Agent of the Voicebank: 落雨
    Language: 中文○/日本語×/English△
    E-mail: /
    Special Thanks

    These terms of use (or terms of use template) were written in reference to:

    “二次創作についてのテンプレート第三案” by 百兎(Hyakusagi)
    “UTAU音源履歴書(規約テンプレート)” by ミュー斗(Myuto)

    with great appreciation.
    And my friend“KelikaOku” for the translation
    His twitter:

    These terms of use were translated from Japanese by KelikaOku.
    English version 1.0 -- 1/4/2018

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Shasta
    Pros - Very clear, charming voice, unique, JPN VCV bank is great!
    Cons - Background story is lacking.
    Ok, so here's how I stumbled upon this utau.... I was lurking in the chatbox and I saw his creator having a conversation with another user about a Chinese reclist. I never saw this user before, so I got curious and checked out his profile. I saw he was from China and it caught my interest. I put one and one together, so I checked for an utau showcase in hopes of finding an utau with a Chinese voicebank.. That's how I found this gem.

    I saw that this utau does in fact have a Chinese voicebank, and I had to check it out. I haven't heard many Chinese UTAU before, so I really wanted to hear him. I fell in love with how he sounds, but I don't know Chinese and Chinese isn't really a common language to find usts in, so I was kinda worried I'd never be able to use this voicebank. Well, with a little bit of scrolling, I found a Japanese VCV voicebank. PERFECT!

    One thing I don't really like is he doesn't have much background information, and I would love to know more about him.
    1. Raindropx
      Thank you so much for reviewing Sen!BTW, today is my birthday, and I'm glad to receive this "gift"!
      I will try to write his background story in the future. I can tell you that he is a teacher.(°∀°)ノ