1. Shasta
    Pros - Very clear, charming voice, unique, JPN VCV bank is great!
    Cons - Background story is lacking.
    Ok, so here's how I stumbled upon this utau.... I was lurking in the chatbox and I saw his creator having a conversation with another user about a Chinese reclist. I never saw this user before, so I got curious and checked out his profile. I saw he was from China and it caught my interest. I put one and one together, so I checked for an utau showcase in hopes of finding an utau with a Chinese voicebank.. That's how I found this gem.

    I saw that this utau does in fact have a Chinese voicebank, and I had to check it out. I haven't heard many Chinese UTAU before, so I really wanted to hear him. I fell in love with how he sounds, but I don't know Chinese and Chinese isn't really a common language to find usts in, so I was kinda worried I'd never be able to use this voicebank. Well, with a little bit of scrolling, I found a Japanese VCV voicebank. PERFECT!

    One thing I don't really like is he doesn't have much background information, and I would love to know more about him.
    1. Raindropx
      Thank you so much for reviewing Sen!BTW, today is my birthday, and I'm glad to receive this "gift"!
      I will try to write his background story in the future. I can tell you that he is a teacher.(°∀°)ノ