1. Milk
    "Cool voice!"
    Pros - Soothing voice
    nice oto
    cool design!!
    Cons - becomes harder to understand at higher pitches
    limited range
    Shelly has a really interesting design & I feel like it fits her voice soo well! I love her color scheme, it's so unique~
    She has a soft, mellow voice that would suite slower or chiller songs imo. While I don't think she'd be totally suited for more up-beat songs, her demo song definitely shows it can be done!
    I couldn't hear anything wrong with the oto, it sounded generally pretty clear.
    She definitely deserves a spot on the list of female utau that can dominate the lower octaves!

    I guess my only con with her is that her range is kinda limited. Not a big deal for me, but it's noteworthy to point out that her added pitches seem to add different 'tones' to her voice, rather than expanded range. (if that makes any sense lol)

    Overall she's a really neat UTAU! I hope more people use her, I'd love to hear some English originals using her at some point. Totally recommend!
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