Shiki Sakasa

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  1. kimchi-tan
    "Amazing voicebank when all pitches used together"
    Pros - Simple but memorable design
    Great range and pronunciation
    Dynamic tone
    Pitches blend well
    Easy to mix
    Cons - Some distorted growl samples
    Some incorrectly oto'ed sounds
    More in-depth critique in the discussion soon:wink:
    *This review is for her Checkmate voicebank which I have been using for almost a year now.

    Uses common anime traits but handled very well.

    Has an "angry" expression but pronounced well and works for most songs. Clear quality, great range and can be used for different genres. Easy to mix and stands out well.

    Append pitches blend well with the main pitches although the soft pitches can be too whispery and the CVVC growl pitch can sound distorted.

    Properly oto'ed with the exception of the growl pitches.

    Overall, with some oto fixes and good choice of using the append pitches, Shiki is an easy to use UTAU with great quality.​
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