Stormy Ōkioto

  • Western Name:
    Stormy Ōkioto
    Eastern Name:
    大きい音 • ストーミー
    Release Date:
    November 30 2017
    5 feet 4 inches
    Not a lot
    The sky, clouds, rainy days, cute things, stuffed animals
    Obnoxious people, loud noises, people shouting at her
    Stormy is a species known as a sky elemental. While her elemental age is 43, it's really equivilant to a 14.3 year old human, which is what she resembles. (Her human age is a third of her elemental age.) Everywhere she goes she's followed by small clouds that hover around her. She can't really make them dissapear but she can interact with them to an extent.

    Stormy is someone who gets loud really easily even if she doesn't mean it. She's really confident about the things she believes in and will defend them a lot.
    The sky, clouds and rain are some of her favourite things, mostly because she was raised in that environment. She appreciates things that are considered "cute" as well as stuffed animals, because they remind her of the sky.

    Stormy comes from a tribe of elementals living in the clouds. Each elemental choses a form to assume, as well as a default elemental form. She chose to assume the form of a human because she thoug of it as most practical.

    She may look human, but she possess abilities normal humans wouldn't. In addition to the clouds constantly surrounding her as a hint to her heritage, she is very light, and floats instead of falling. She, like others of her species, can shift back into a "natural form," which is related to what type of elemental she is. Her natural form is a storm cloud, which is how she got her name. All elementals in both forms can communicate telepathically amongst each other.
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    Some of them only have romaji aliasing because I couldn't find the japanese characters for them
    Basically has all the sounds from plus some
    Tell me if there's anything wrong with bank becaus this is my first time doing it.

    Personality can be disregarded for songs when needed.


    Recorded at E4, but she may get a B3 bank

    (Higher range)

    (Mid-low range)

    Song covers

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    Don't claim as your own and don't use for stuff that encourages bigotry of any kind.

    Not sure if I want people doing mature 18+ songs

    Vaguely suggestive songs are fine though (example of one would be Scarlet Rose by sele-P)

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