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185 cm (6'1")
A woman never tells ;)
Tangerines, Tea, Sunflowers, Fishing, Cooking, Picnics, Sappy Romance Novels
Cold Weather, Cloudy Days, Stubborn People
Sun (real name Clarine Foster) is the producer and leader of Planetary Motion.

It was a passion project she began several years ago with her husband, Jupiter (real name Karter Foster) where they find talented individuals as they travel for their work and recruit them to be a part of the team. They have a tendency to pick up people who are down on their luck, which is how they wound up with their current living arrangements of the entire group living in one large household. They are based out of the UK.

Sun acts almost like a motherly figure to the rest of them, making sure they're happy and keeping them out of trouble.

Sun is voiced by @PaulingClover.

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Planetary Motion
UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
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  1. Japanese
Sun currently has a 3 pitch voicebank, recorded at A3, D4, and G4, as well as a power pitch recorded at A4.
Download: Mediafire
Alternative Download: Mega

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Permission Not Required
Character Commercial Use
Permission Required
Voicebank Commercial Use
Permission Required
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
Permission Required
SUN is a free voicebank. As such, she may not be redistributed, or used to generate profit without express permission from representatives of Planetary Motion.

Transformative works of graphic nature are allowed, and use of the voicebank in any covers or medleys are allowed without restrictions. Please tag him or the group, though so we can find and listen to it.

Any changes to the voicebank are strictly for private use. Never redistribute this bank publicly without first sending the changed bank to a representative of Planetary Motion and receiving permission.


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