Yuu Tsumihara ARPAsing

A multipitch ARPAsing voicebank.

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Western Name
Yuu Tsumihara ARPAsing
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April 29th 2024
  • Tsumihara Yuu (つ見晴ら夕), nicknamed TSUMIYUU, is a character associated with voicebanks for the UTAU program of the same name, developed by Shirukagiri.
    Tsumihara (つ見晴ら) - View over the harbor, Yuu (夕) - Evening.
  • Yuu has a black and blue streaked mullet to their shoulders with a diamond-shaped ahoge. They have emerald green eyes and pale skin. They appear tall, but it is not known if it's an effect of their heeled boots or if they're naturally tall. They wear a dark blue top that clings to their body, the sleeves fade at their wrists. There is a diamond-shaped "boob window", from which four green ribbons come. Two of those ribbons wrap around their arms and two go over their shoulders and dangle down. Yuu's skirt has two layers of loosely gathered fabric, creating a ruffle effect. There's thin chains with diamond-shaped charms hanging from the top of the top layer. On the upper part of the skirt there is a corset-like leather part. They have shin-length black-blue leather boots and they use a space-themed cane.
  • Non-binary, they/them
  • 18 years old, age does not change when their birthday passes in the real world
  • Birthday is August 31st
  • Being with a group of people that actually acknowledged Yuki's hopes and dreams has only lead to positive development. Her range significantly expanded to accommodate for lower notes with practice and her voice is more versatile than ever. Her fashion sense has also greatly improved, instead of copying what her idols were doing she started wearing what she wanted to wear herself. Aside from exploring her fashion sense, Yuki has also explored her identity. Thanks to resources on the internet Yuki could put a finger on that one thing that felt "wrong"- her gender. They identify as non-binary now and their preferred pronouns are they/them.

    Sadly those sweet sweet high-school years don't last forever; final exams are coming up and band practice has been halted. Yuu has motivation issues, they'd much rather jam with their friends than study for chemistry, yet they have no choice but to prepare for those nerve-wracking final exams. Not being able to spend time with friends and having to study for what feels like the whole day is taking a toll on Yuu, and they dream of performing on stage instead of sitting and doing homework in the library.

Voicebank Info

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File Encoding
N/A (No Japanese Voicebank)
OTO.ini Aliasing
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Supported Languages
  1. English
There might be small mistakes in the oto or files that I have not encountered yet, if you see a weirdly oto'ed sample, a clicking sound in one file or a placeholder text please please please let me know and I'll fix it! (send an email to anotherspyfromowoiala@gmail.com or a discord message to @pyromanically)
  • Pentapitch: A3 pitch is manually recorded, the rest of the pitches are generated using an RVC model trained on the CV+VCV voicebank and the A3 pitch
  • English voicebank: ARPAsing aliased, CV+VC+CC+VV
  • Recorded (wrong ) using 水音 (みなと)'s word-based reclist
  • Has a file with breaths useable when mixing
  • Recommended range: D2-F#5
  • Feminine-leaning androgynous voice
  • Recommended resampler: moresampler
  • Recorded with a pink (yes that's a very important detail) Razer Seiren Mini
  • Voiced and oto'ed by Shirukagiri

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