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December 25, 2021
7 inches (17.78 cm)
5 Pounds (2.27kg)
Edible food, karaoke, sleeping, and playing with others.
Calculus, being tossed like a ball, SUPER loud noises, and Instagram.
UTAUloid/ANIMALoid/FURloid info:
ZaneChihuahua is a 3-year-old (21 in dog years) male Chihuahua from Arizona, United States, and has a black coat. His official release date and birthday is December 25, 2021. I don't really consider Zane as a Furloid since he's not really a "Fursona" per se. It's just a regular Chihuahua who can talk but what do I know. If you only use FURsonas, then by all means. He's a FURloid too. Keep in mind that there is currently no official art of Zane. Just draw the best you can.

Voicebank sample:

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UTAU Manager
UTAU Voicer
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  1. Japanese
Voicebank Info:
(Latest Update: December 25, 2021) This Voicebank is in the mono-pitch CV Japanese format with VCV beginnings and endings for vowels. The recording note is a C4 with moderate volume, usage of chest voice, a natural timbre, and a frequency average of 259.1 Hz. All of the audio files have been edited with a compressor to give the most amount of volume with a constant velocity throughout the file. for The file size is 48.8MB. This Voicebank can be used in Romaji and Hiragana. I think this voicebank works best with the "TIPS" resampler instead of the default resampler; especially with the breaths and ending of vowels. However, I think you can experiment with whatever you want. This voicebank includes an Alveolar trill (rolling r's) along with their respective vowels, 6 different breath sounds including inhales and exhales, breaths after a vowel, coughs, and individual English samples of "one," "two," "three," and "four." Of course, it couldn't be a Chihuahua voicebank without… AN ACTUAL CHIHUAHUA BARK! AAAAAAH!!! For Japanese users: "あ"="* あ"

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Basically, just use common sense. Like crediting me for the voicebank.

Latest reviews

Best furloid
Pros: Amazing vocals
Cons: none
This voicebank is so clear and smooth, perfect for covers
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Thank you, Teto-chan! I'm glad you think so. I really did do more than what most people would do for their voicebanks and I'm glad to see people liking it so much.
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Doggos forevar!
Pros: Best utau of all!
Best design of all!
It's a doggo and everyone loves doggos!
Doggos supremacy!
It barks!
Hoomans pay respect to doggo!
Cons: None!
Doggo supremacy and that all what matters. I, a mortal hooman, pay respect to doggo!



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Oh! I didn't even know you could rate these. Well, thank you very much! I really do appreciate it.
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