art trades open

  1. Sync_Ye

    Closed PayPal Points OTO Other YeDev's DeepVocal | UTAU Commissions {! Update !}

    Warning: If you want more detailed information, please go to my website: ST-STUDIO My name is YeDev !, I’m already in fandom for a long and long time (8 years practically), so if you came in this is why you are looking for someone to set up your Voicebank right? !, well how about taking a look...
  2. tetodash

    Art trades anyone?

    Hello I’d like to know if anyone would like to do an art trade with me. I’ll be willing to do a few. I’ll drawing your Utau or really any character. Links to examples of my art:
  3. Mob

    Inactive PayPal Art Mob's Art Commissions

    Hi! I'm Mob/Lint! Welcome to my art shop! You can find other examples of my art on my art blog and my deviantart. You can also click on my examples for the non-cropped image. I take payments in usd, trades, or flight rising currency. If you happen to have a fr, you might want to check out my...
  4. AkaiiTwki

    Open Art OTO art in exchange for oto.ini

    (sorry for my bad english) I'm making my UTAU but I'm having a lot of problems doing the oto.ini so I decided to give my art in exchange for an oto.ini rules: 1. I can make illustrations with transparent background or complete illustrations. 2. I can make conseptual art for your UTAU. 3. I can...
  5. midone

    Draw my UTAUloid?

    I'll draw yours in return! here's what mine looks like
  6. HoneyPai

    Art Trades [Only got two slots yo]

    Because why not? BEWARE SOME OF MY CONTENT IS HUE, don't worry, I have an age block thing Go here to check out my style I just have some small things: I can't do guys, because I'm lame And that's pretty much it, unless I say I can't do something else Also be aware this art trade post is on my...