1. menheraaudino

    Open Offering Art offering redesigns for utau characters!

    i want to get over my current art block, so i'm offering free redesigns for your utau characters! all i need is: -a reference picture of your utau's current design -details on what you want changed -inspirations you want me to reference, if any in return, i'll give you a fullbody redesign! my...
  2. keiran h

    Art Commissions

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I’m currently looking for someone that can redraw my UTAU completely. I need an art that matches the voice of my UTAU. Below there’s a link of my latest cover with my UTAU Asereth SoundCloud The artist will be paid accordingly. thanks ~
  3. Lyrexios Creator Guardian

    New design of Lucas Ryū-en 2023 for the new CV voice bank.

    Just wanted to share all the refs here so that it's at least out there, and hopefully it can be appreciated. I made the design more music based compared to the old and i did some slight colour adjustments. Please do not steal the art / design. I have it watermarked in 4 area's so...
  4. cloudyyskie

    Open PayPal Art Mixing Other UTAU / VOCALOID tuning, art, and mixing commissions open!

    Heya! I'm cloudyyskie. Haven't been active here in a while, but I do utau and vocaloid tuning, along with art and mixing commissions! All details can be found here:
  5. Muffcakezzz

    Open Art Mixing OTO Other Will make vtuber model(s)/art/writing for oto's

    Yo, I'm Muffcakezzz, I'm starting up a project where multiple voicebanks will need to be oto'd. I can make vtuber models, illustrations, harmony guides, and writing pieces in return for otos of cv, vcv, and cvvc voicebanks. Please contact me on discord if you'd like to work with me or want to...
  6. laazybaag

    Open Art OTO i draw art for help with french cvvc oto

    hiii!! so i recorded a small monopitch french vb for my utau, tried to oto but then i remembered that my dumbass can't oto for sh-t not to mention that i get bored after 10 minutes into it dsFDSFDSFSDFSDFSF here's sample of my art, i've kinda improved a lil more than the exemples showed but i...
  7. Shroomy

    Open UTAU Design/Art for CV Multipitch OTO

    So I’ve just recorded a CV multipitch vb with my friend (because i can’t sing), and I’ve arrived at the oto part. I used YukitoYuki’s CV reclist, but when i went to grab the oto base, it turns out it was deleted literally YESTERDAY. This means I can’t oto it by myself since I don’t have a base...
  8. ratpawz

    Open Art OTO will draw for oto! [japanese VCV 3 pitch]

    hi! i don't have much free time to do it myself and using setparam has been wonky, so i would love to work with someone to oto my multipitch vcv voicebank files! in exchange you will receive an icon of whatever you want as long as it's not too complex. you can reply here or dm me on twitter...
  9. laazybaag

    WIP koe warui new reference and design

    just noticed that there is an art and graphic thing for threads lmao anyway here's a wip of koe's new reference and design. i am quite attached to the og design so i'm a little hesitant to use it once finished even though not much changed- i wanted to remake a ref cuz the latest one had a weird...
  10. laazybaag

    Closed Art i'll draw your utaus

    hi hello here's some sample of my art if you're interested dsfdsfsdfdsfdsf!Ak1kh2xJYBmxf3OoakRUecDyAe8?e=vaGaMU ( hopefully the link works if not i'll go cry in my crying corner- )
  11. cloudyyskie

    Open Art im at a loss for art ideas..let me draw your UTAU!

    yoo so I kinda like to draw and I've been super unmotivated and bored lately. There are so so so many good UTAU designs on here so dont be shy let me draw them here's some of my art ^^ Art is free to use btw...
  12. rilakora

    Open let me do a full body drawing of your UTAU!!!

    examples of my art: Keep in mind, I may not draw yours immediately. & I may only accept a limited amount. If I draw yours, I'll respond to your comment with a link to the drawing. ty!
  13. skewb

    art for masculine voice!

    hey! im in need of a masculine VCV bank voice (as i am a feminine voice haver personally, also my mic is awful so i can’t really record my own stuff atm). im looking for a voice that‘s powerful and not too deep (think like a young adult kinda thing), other than that I’m not too picky! in...
  14. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Open Art OTO Will Do Art For Hakaine Maiko Re-Oto

    I heard this is something that helps improve the way Maiko sounds and is highly recommended and I would like if someone re-otoed Maiko for me and I will do art in return. My art is here on my site
  15. cuppedsunshine

    Open Art Mixing OTO Video Looking for VCV oto edits, offering art/design + video

    Hello! I'm trying to re-record my first UTAU, and that comes with the caveat that it's a VCV voicebank (planned duopitch/tripitch, currently monopitch) and there's a lot to do in regards to otoing. I'm a complete novice (only did some re-otoing for Defoko) and have been using Moresampler for...
  16. bukobean

    Art OTO Art for full CV OTO-ing?

    Hi hi! I'm looking for someone pretty well experienced in OTO-ing CV voicebanks so I can get mine finished... I'm offering chibi utau character art in exchange for you to fully oto my CV voicebank ! Line art as well as flat color and cell shading :> - You can find examples of my art here ^^...
  17. Hana-chan

    Willing to draw art/sing a song for anyone who uses my UTAU in a cover! :)

    Hi! I got no responses last time, so thought I'd ask again! Anyone who uses my utau in a cover, I will draw you something in return OR alternatively, sing a song of your choice. :) It can be anything! Here are all my utau vb and dl: Hana-chan...
  18. Wen

    Closed Art UTAU sketches / (Re)designs! (Free/Trade)

    Currently very bored haha Anyone want a (probably colored) sketch or re/design of their UTAU? I'm more interested in doing designs/redesigns, but either is fine. These'll be free, but if you'd like to trade or leave some kind of $ tip I'd appreciate it a lot ^^ (also would naturally be more...
  19. chiisai

    Open Will draw / doodle for VCV oto (with base)

    I will draw in this style (link to art For your utau/oc/cover if you can help provide a VCV OTO for my one pitch utau. first come, first serve.
  20. CosmindArt

    Closed deleted