1. aphelionic

    AviUTL Audio Reactive videos/graphics

    Recently I've been experimenting with making a more animated lyric video for my UTAU cover on AviUTL, and I wanted to add an audio reactive effect to some of the graphics to make it feel less static. I've been trying to get Utautautau's Audio Reactive animation effect to work on AviUTL to no...
  2. Baphobloody Goat Dream

    Utaview in Aviutl

    I saw a video where someone managed to force it to work in 1.14! They never made any tutorials about it though, and I was wondering if anyone has had luck with similar? I'd really like to actually have play back and such, so that I don't have to render it and edit all of it in a separate program.
  3. pepreya

    Aviutl only exporting frame?

    Please help! Whenever I try exporting an aviutl project the end result only exports 1 frame. Here are the things I have tried already: -Exporting to mp4 (only exporting with x264 works) -ffmpeg export -AVI export -converting files -Made the last object as the last frame I'm trying to upload a...
  4. xshugarrx

    oh boy, a thread asking for aviutl help

    I have 1.10 + extras that's just a folder with the application. it works; I figured I'd try to actually install the one here https://www.videohelp.com/software/AviUtl (extra pack 1.14)but the installer fails with a 404 error everytime when downloading the additional files. I tried unchecking...
  5. Q

    Aviutl no longer opens project file

    Hi So I've been editing a video in Aviutl the past few days but since this morning I haven't been able to open the project file and keep getting the error "file format" is not supported despite it being the same extension as usual. I was able to open other project files so I know it's not the...
  6. samuelusa

    AviUtl won't let me export as .mp4 (Export plugins not showing up)

    hey, I don't know if this is the right place to post a question or if it's better for me to post in the general tutorials section but... AviUtl won't give me the option to export a video to .mp4 and it's really confusing me!! can anyone help me?? this is what it looks like when i hover over...
  7. sof¡¡¡a

    Video Would anyone be willing to make a video for a cover I just finished?

    Hi everyone! I recently finished a cover of the song "Two Breaths Walking -reloaded-" with the UTAU Kiki Sagawa. I know how to make videos, but only basic ones, and I would like to have a more advanced PV for this cover, which I'm very proud of. I would really appreciate it if someone could do...
  8. 15two

    How do camera controls work in AviUtl???

    So I get the basic idea of AviUtl (can insert images, audio, soundwaves etc.) but I have zero clue as to how to work the camera controls in AviUtl.
  9. UtaJoule

    Issue in AviUtl... HEWP MI PWEAASE!!! T_T

    So! I'm trying to export a big video I just worked SUPER hard on, when I realize there's a little blue bar at the top of a section of the timeline which causes AviUtl to export my project ONLY in that section (frick me. frick me soooo hard :smile:). So my question is, how do I get rid of...
  10. UtaUtaUtau

    Tutorial AviUtl Basics tutorial

    This is part 1 btw So for such a long time, I finally decided to make a basic tutorial for AviUtl. The thing is, this might be incomplete, but you can ask me for help! I do not know some other things in AviUtl so, pardon me uwu Also, here's the latest known version made be Maverick Tse, (he...
  11. delphic

    AviUtl WiP Test (HIBANA ft. Honoune Makiko)

  12. kimchi-tan

    utauviewer glitches up pitchbends and envelopes

    Pitchbends either overlap with new pitchbends I haven't made or disappear altogether (there's even a second vibrato in the last note!). Some of the envelopes become displaced to a different pitch or disappear. I applied ACTP yet it was still the same. Sorry for the low quality video ^^;
  13. kimchi-tan

    AviUtl Plug-in for UTAU screen display

    Ever wondered how some UTAU videos showing off tuning (or just the notes) are recorded with the playback cursor in a stable position while the UST just scrolls by itself? Well, here is how it's done! Download and tutorial page (both are in Japanese) ...