box art

  1. Void

    Open PayPal Art 20% off UTAU+Deep Vocal art commissions!

    view the full twitter thread here! It contains more offers and more information view my portfolio: artstation / deviantart I'm also offering a discount of 20% for UTAU/Deep Vocal related commissions! Hey all, so I'm new to the forums but I'd LOVE to work with others in a way that can benefit...
  2. Miawerz

    what do you guys think of my UTAUs' design?

    so here's the design for my utau Yuuki & Yuki so what do you guys think? (I tried to keep the designs simple-ish) feedback is pretty much appreciated :)
  3. lunavi

    Inactive PayPal Art Lunavi's Art Commissions

    Hello, hello! I'm officially taking artwork commissions now. :sing: I draw chibis, headshots, half-body, and full-body portraits as sketches, line art, and full color artwork. I'm also taking commissions on custom UTAU voicebank box art, and I take coloring commissions as well. (Note: you must...