1. Kazumimi

    Open PayPal Art Kazumi's Illustration Commissions (Slots Available: 3/3)

    Slots Available: 3/3 Contact: More examples can be found at any of these links: Vocaverse Art thread| Pixiv | Twitter | Instagram | My website Submission form:
  2. AnimeaSPrin

    Free mixing! +Commissions. OPEN!

    I'm really wanting to do free mixing for people! Only three slots are available. (Paid slots are available tho. Mainlu money but I will accept art, vb's, etc!) What you need to provide is wav files. The instrumental, an on vocal, the wavs from utau that are tuned and finished, everything needed...
  3. tiaramisuu

    Open PayPal Art cheap art commissions! name your price!

    hey there! i'm ridiculously low on money so i'm opening some cheap commissions! you can ask for just a bust or a fullbody! you can DM me here or on twitter/deviantart! sketch -- name your price! lined, coloured, shaded -- $15 PV art -- $20 thank you for looking!:love:
  4. Void

    Open PayPal Art 20% off UTAU+Deep Vocal art commissions!

    view the full twitter thread here! It contains more offers and more information view my portfolio: artstation / deviantart I'm also offering a discount of 20% for UTAU/Deep Vocal related commissions! Hey all, so I'm new to the forums but I'd LOVE to work with others in a way that can benefit...
  5. Mei-Saime

    Inactive PayPal Points Art Mei-Saime's Point and PayPal Commissions

    TRADITIONAL COMMISSIONS OPEN BUST/WAIST TO KNEE UP ((300 points)) (($30)) Only available characters MAX: 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIGITAL COMMISSIONS WAITING LIST OPEN BUST/WAIST TO KNEE UP...
  6. Junjou Ko

    Inactive PayPal Art I'll draw your UTAU commissions!

    I need money for a better tablet because my drivers are unstable, so I'll be hosting commissions! I'll accept payments via paypal and stuff so yeah. Here's my prices and also a few of my works! lineart: 3$ flat colors: 6$ shaded: 12$ shaded + background: 15$ full boxart: 20$ SLOTS: 0/7...
  7. kimchi-tan

    Concerning tuning-related commissions

    IIRC tuning commissions are looked down here because of earning something through others' work (someone else's UST/song), but what about tuning trades? For example, I'll a tune a UST for artwork. Would that be acceptable or should there be conditions such as the one trading for your tuning owns...
  8. Tin-Loid

    I have some un-otoed pitches left on my 7 pitch cvvc bank (look to see what i'll trade!)

    In return for 1 of 2 Cvvc otoes, I am willing to do: 2 Portraits of any character you choose ( go to the journal section and look for commission/request info) 1 double character portrait 1 custom score for a song under 5 minutes (NOT OFF VOCAL ITS A COVER USING...
  9. Chasing Constellations

    Inactive PayPal Music Original Song Commissions! Hello! I am Akira Marvell, one half of the song writting duo, Chasing Constellations! I have opened up these commissions in order to practice writing my music, which is normally in the form of a piano ballad. I...
  10. S

    Inactive PayPal Art 10$ colored chibis!

    Hello! I decided to try doing some chibis, since they're fun and easy for me to do! Price $10.00 USD per character -- payment will be made via paypal to Status Active! I'm going to take these in batches of 5. If interested, please respond to this post with a reference...
  11. Ali Rinka

    Inactive PayPal Art Art Commisions!

    Hi! I'm in a really tight spot right now with money, so I have commisions open! The general info/prices are here: I can do pretty much anything you want aside from the 2 exceptions mentioned in the...