cover art

  1. ck13

    【gekiyaku 】poison, sin, and punishment 【UTAUカバー+pv】

    bruh momenet
  2. Z

    【UTAUカバー】 Tear Radar 【九ノ瀬ミコ -KIRI-】

    A cover of Tear Radar with my UTAU Miko Kokonose
  3. Gin-Kaido

    【UTAUカバー】 Life Reset Button - Zenzi Guriya

    This is my newest improvement of my mixing. I hope you like it! ^^ NOTE : Using Earphone for the best result
  4. delphic

    Hibana Cover Art for Makiko

    Just drew a cover art for this! (UF) [this!] (SoundCloud) I didn't lineart the drawing and tried water color for the first time. I wanted to give a rough effect to the drawing, but at the same time, a lot of emotions. I hope you like it!
  5. S

    Inactive PayPal Art I'll draw your UTAU! {EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS}

    hello! i currently have commissions open for fullbodies and chibis! these are kind of emergency, so please consider! you can feel free to use your commission for covers, personal use (icons, page dolls), etc! Full body artwork like these are $25 USD, and then an additional $10$ for every...
  6. Catlione

    Art Looking for illustrators to collab

    Hello everyone! Shortly: I'm looking for artists who would like to collab with me - draw illustrations for my UTAU covers. If your art skills are decent as mine or at least close enough and you want to collab with me - please contact me via twitter. I'm calling it "collab" because I want to...
  7. PokerFaceLady05

    [10 UTAU] - Blessed Messiah And The Tower Of AI

  8. Kale

    Open I'll use your UTAU!

    (Edit: This will be open forever unless I say so ^^) Ahh, I love finding cool new UTAUloids to use. So, feel free to send in yours! I can use CV,CVVC,VCCV,VCV, Arpasing, CVVVCCCCVCVCVC (basically anything you can come up with lol) Edit 4/2/17: Please share around my soundcloud post so I can find...
  9. S


    Hello! Mika here with some unfortunate personal news. This week has been unforgiving with bad luck for me. Earlier, around Monday morning, my cat broke two toes and had to be taken to the vet for a cast and pain medication. The visit was $340 up front. Then later that week, I was told the...
  10. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU Cover] Game Over [KATAI CVVC]

    Sheanna did a cover of GAME OVER with her UTAU, KATAI, and Yoz asked me to do some art and a video for it as a gift so I did. It was really good practice since I don't really do pin-up type stuff very often. This art is inspired by the art of Hazakura Chikori from the original PV. Cover...
  11. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU] Drop Pop Candy [Yozane Iimo+Kyouhakushi AI]

    I've been dealing with low self esteem and art block for the passed week and spontaneously started this cover art the other night after Yoz made the cover. I've been listening to this song a lot lately and working on this project made me feel a lot better. I wanted to practice my Movie Maker...
  12. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU] Hirari, Hirari [Yozane Iimo CVVC Whisper]

    Yoz made this cover a while ago and she had wanted me to do art for it, but I've been busy so it took me a while to get around to it. I figured I'd take a break from all the other projects I'm doing at the moment so I could get this one done and cross it off the list. It was refreshing to work...
  13. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU] Negai [Yozane Iimo Tripitch]

    This took me about a year to complete. The sketch took forever, I did so much work with perspective on it. I redid the lineart once. I redid the hair color twice then edited it after the second time. I redid parts of the lineart again for the face, hair, left shoulder and hands. I redid the...
  14. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU] World's End Dancehall [Yozane Iimo + KATAI]

    Cover art for Yozane's cover of World's End Dancehall featuring Sheanna's UTAU, KATAI. This was a long time coming but I finally got it done. The lineart nearly killed me because of how complex their outfits are. Speaking of the outfits they're based off the ones from Project Diva F, if my...
  15. PRISMkidd


    Yoz and I were talking and she asked me which old cover she should redo and we decided on this one so that I could also redo the art for it. Unlike the first one which took me almost a year to do, I finished this one in one night and while I'm still really proud of the old one, I think this one...
  16. S

    Closed PayPal Art Let Me Draw Your UTAU?

    Hi! I'd love to do art of your UTAU! I'm in a pinch and need some money, so I'm doing 10$ full bodies! Payment is via Paypal, only! Reply to this with a picture of your UTAU, and I'll message you if I feel confident in drawing them. Examples I can also work out cover art price, if you...
  17. DenzuSilvery

    my Utau box art

    I would love someones opinion on this, I tried my best with this it's my first time making a cover for her voice bank.