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  1. mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

    Voicebank Irina

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  2. Irina


    demigirl, she/they lesbian estp
  3. ZaneChihuahua

    Voicebank ZaneChihuahua

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  4. ZaneChihuahua


    UTAUloid/ANIMALoid/FURloid info: ZaneChihuahua is a 3-year-old (21 in dog years) male Chihuahua from Arizona, United States, and has a black coat. His official release date and birthday is December 25, 2021. I don't really consider Zane as a Furloid since he's not really a "Fursona" per se...
  5. Gardanana

    Voicebank Nishiren Gard CV

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  6. Nishiren Gard CV

    Nishiren Gard CV

    Nishiren is laid back and likes to do things at their own pace. They tend to be quieter around strangers and have a serious-looking resting face, but they emote a lot more when singing. They're always seen wearing their headphones, be it on their head or around their neck. Tends to fidget with...
  7. WeegeeSpirit

    [Milton CV] Ugh, Milf, and Gospel (feat. VAI and Defoko)

  8. FayKamaxo

    Voicebank Fuzake Saka V.3

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  9. Fuzake Saka V.3

    Fuzake Saka V.3

    Item: a Cotton Candy Personality: Extrovert, energetic and kinda childish Relations: Kagamine Rin and Len (Idol crush) and Hatsune Miku (Idol) Fuzake (Fuzaketa/ふざけた) - Playful Saka (Sakasu/サーカス) - Circus
  10. flufferi

    Can someone oto my CV voicebank in return for art?

    hihi so i have no idea where else to post this, but ill do free art of ur utau or any character u have if someone can oto my CV voicebank (also dont mind her art i need to redo it its old kjsfjkgfkjgj) But here you can see my art: click me! anywho uh yea (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
  11. ChibiMango-Flooferz

    Minty Mascgrinn

    Kind of UTAU: Dog-Bat Furloid Character Item: Comedy Drama Mask Concept: Minty is based on the goofy, scatterbrained part of my personality. She's also to a lesser extent inspired by the Sock (comedic role) in a Sock and Buskin (tragic role) pair. Positive Personality Traits Friendly Loyal...
  12. KUQPER

    New VB test. How does it sound?

    Hey, everyone, I want to thank everybody who replied to my last post about my CV bank. I remade it after getting a pop-filter. I hope it's a bit better now; do you think my voicebank is pretty decent? I also tried to oto her as well hopefully this time it's a bit better. I appreciate whatever...
  13. KUQPER

    Is my voicebank good?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and recently I made a UTAU with a CV voicebank. I put her through a snippet of a tuned UST to see if she sounds alright. I would love if any of you would give me feedback on her voicebank. Thank you in advance!
  14. Songbird

    Any good CV usts?

    I really want to work on getting my upcoming utauloid to sing, but I haven't been able to practice making usts because of being busy with life related things;;; Anyone know any good CV usts I'd be grateful for any suggestions, especially ones for DECO27 songs :creepy:
  15. popee


    I'm wondering if anyone here is able to make a UST for "Fly Me to the Moon" that would work for a Japanese CV Bank ? I wanted to make a cover for my friend so this would be appreciated! And as for something in return, if you have an utau that you want me to use for a cover, send them my why...
  16. Ebbiki Aishuu

    Ebbiki Aishuu

    Favorite Color: Green Character Item: Red & White Mushroom + Shovel Sexuality: Bi Species: Elf Personality: A nature-lover and a green thumb yet will drop everything to tend to her friends--especially of the animal kind! Possesses an uncanny ability to revive the dead, if in close proximity...
  17. Mekuraon Ga

    Mekuraon Ga

    Art by sixlightyears ★ Character Info (キャラクター設定) ★ age: 18 (年齢:18歳) birthday: April 24 (誕生日:4月24日) height: 162cm (身長: 162cm) weight: 45kg (体重:45kg) favorite food: edamame (好きな食べ物: 枝豆) other: Ga is blind (その他: ガーは盲目です)
  18. Rice Life

    What is a good CV voicebank utau to use that has a deep or higher not medium pitch voice?

    although i'm still kind of noobish i'm no pro obviously, but looking at the voicebanks i current use,. they all sound similar,.. i haven't really downloaded many voicebanks the only voicebanks i download is Azure miki, ari soyo...idk.. and teto of course, (but it's complicated the files got...
  19. delphic

    【Teo Vampa NATURAL】never ender【UTAUカバー】+ UST

    I've uploaded this cover yesterday! I still haven't recorded soft and power for Teo because I'm lazy and I have no time, so here's another cover with the core VB. 8D I hope you like it!
  20. M

    インコ音メイシー Inkone Meishii Se-01_m-15 2018-02-28

    ⬛ Inkone Meishii ⬛ Specs: AI, UTAU, virtual singer, android ⬛ She's a self learning android. Despite being hyper intelligent, she's only used to sing. You'll rarely ever find her smiling; robots lack emotion.